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Tutorial How to Fix Google PlayStore No Connection Error

How to Fix Google PlayStore No Connection Error – Yesterday the author got an Android HP customer service that couldn’t open the Playstore or Google Play application. Instead of a factory reset and data loss, the author checks the file host with
First, root the Android phone. to fix the playstore error

Tutorial How to Fix Google PlayStore Error No Connection Coverage

After looking at the contents of the host file contained in the system, it says that there is an addition “ “ You can view and edit the hosts file as long as the Android phone needs to be rooted first. If not rooted, please see Easy Ways to Root Universal with Kingoapp
or check out this Indonesia Lounge Android tutorial blog for other universal root methods.

Since Google Play or Playstore is very important on Android phones, I am going to provide a tutorial on how to fix Google Play Error No Connection so that you can access the Playstore again to download the applications and games you need. This tutorial is clearly laid out so that it is easy to understand.

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3 ways to overcome other Google Playstore errors
How to Fix Google Playstore Error Without Root

The conditions are easy, difficult for those who are not used to it :
Condition :

  1. Android phone must be rooted
  2. Use file manager root explorer to view and edit host files on the system

How to Overcome Google Playstore Error No Connection on Android

  • After the Android phone is finished rooting, install the Root Explorer application Install via Playstore
  • Open the Root Explorer app
  • Go to the main directory “root“and go to the folder”Etc
    the process of opening the hosts file in root explorer
  • Look for a file named “host“Check the file and press the menu button in the form of 3 small vertical points and choose “Open in text editor” and accept or grant its root access.
    Editing process of the hosts file
  • Then delete the sentence that reads “” and let them127.0.0.1 localhost “. I wrote xxx because every Android phone has different numbers, then save it, don’t forget to save it
    Host file editing process 2
  • Then open your playstore if you can’t start anew first your Android phone
    check open playstore

Note: If the hosts file cannot be edited, simply delete the “hosts file”, don’t worry, it will create its own hosts file by default.

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