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Troops in Dark Barrack Clash Of Clans

As a Clasher’s, do you know what Barrack is? Well, Barrack is an important building that serves to make troops which we will later use to attack the opponent’s base.

There are 2 types of Barracks in Clash Of Clans, namely ordinary Barracks and Dark Barracks. The difference is that ordinary Barracks only produce troops with Elixir while Dark Barracks use Dark Elixir.

Troops-Dark Barrack-Elixsir Black-COC

For this post, I just want to discuss the troops from the Dark Barracks, which are scary because they are specially summoned from the darkness. The following are the troops in the Dark Barracks.


Minions are the first troops we get when we just build a Dark Barrack. Small black bombs are a hallmark of the attack. Minions also cannot be detected by Seeking Air Mines.

The capacity of the Dormitory (Camp) is only 2 which allows us to make many Minions. The speed of this Minion is relatively fast compared to other Dark Barrack troops. However, it is very fragile to fight alone and usually Minions are combined with other air troops such as the Lavalon combination.


Pig Rider or what we often know as Hog Rider will be unlocked when we increase Barrack to level 2. Hog Rider uses his hammer to attack and will jump over the wall that stands in front of him. His favorite target is defense.

We can still use the capacity of 5 dorms with decent lives to mobilize a group of Hog Riders who will attack the opponent’s base defense directly.


These Troops will be unlocked if we have upgraded Barrack to level 3. Valkyrie is an ax master with two arms that will attack those nearby. He will attack between buildings with the wind swirl of his axe.

Valkyrie will also kill close-range troops quickly so you should never attack Valkyrie using close-range troops because it will be useless, it’s better to use Archers or air troops like Balloons.

Dormitory 8 capacity with a slightly slower speed compared to Hog Rider but will never lessen the horror of the Valkyries themselves.


Troops like this stone robot will open at Dark Barrack level 4. The golem has a lot of HP or life which makes it the spearhead of defense.

The target of the Golem’s attack is directly at the enemy’s defense. After being destroyed, the golem will become 2 Golemites which have one fifth of the strength and HP of the Golem.

The dormitory capacity needed to make Golems is quite a lot, which is 30 which makes us have to be smart in making Golems to fight.

Golems also have a very slow speed and usually Golems will not fight alone and need support behind them or are often combined with Gowipe, Gowiva and Gowiwi troops.

• WITCH (Grandmother of Magic)

The Witch will open at Barrack level 5. This Witch will not fight alone she will summon soldiers who died in the past as Skeletons (Skelton) who will become a distraction for the enemy’s defense. Upgrade the Witch to increase the number of Skeletons summoned.

This Witch’s weakness lies in its low HP with a dorm capacity of 12. Place the Witch behind other troops such as Golems.


Troops at the end of this air defense Lava Hound will open at Barrack level 6. Lava Hound is a fiery monster that will directly attack air defenses (Air Defense) and will protect other air troops.

After being destroyed the Lava Hound will breed to be smaller and many can be annoying. Upgrade the Lava Hound to grow more after being destroyed.

The weakness of the Lava Hound lies in its small damage and a fairly large dorm capacity of 30. Lava Hound is often combined with Balloons.


Bowler is the last troop in the Dark Barrack that opens at level 7. This blue guy throws a big rock to attack. This stone deals 2 damage that will bounce off the target to the building behind him.

Bowler has a decent HP and his dorm capacity was 6 before there was an update.

Those are the troops in the Dark Barracks and hopefully they will continue to grow. So many posts about troops in the Dark Barracks.

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