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Tricks to easily backup Android apps and data without root

Tips on Android tricks on Tricks to Backup Android Apps and Data Without Root – Backup-restore data is an important activity in the world of technology. Imagine losing your data. An application data backup is also required on Android with the aim of ensuring that when our phones are switched off,

re-flash doesn’t have to get tired of downloading applications and games again, sorry for the quota hehehe.

Tricks to easily backup Android apps and data without root

because root is used for advanced users. The method is very simple. Follow the steps below to back up all of your applications.

Tricks to easily backup Android apps and data without root
  1. First download the Helium application from the Playstore as this application backs up applications and game data to the SD card without root. This application is available for free on the Playstore and has many functions such as backup and restore to SD card, backup restore to computer, backup restore online.
  2. Open the Helium application and check the applications and games to be backed up, then select the backup location, either internal storage or SD card, or online backup (must be logged in first) and select then backup.
  3. Wait for the backup process to complete.
  4. To restore / restore a backup application, swipe right, select the location, then select the application you want to restore, and then select Restore.
  5. It’s very simple, isn’t it.

If your phone is rooted, allow root access, otherwise an error will occur. Even without root it is very possible because this application is intended for those who are not rooted. By backing up our applications, we no longer have to download applications if the phone is damaged and needs to be re-flashed. Don’t forget to share this article on social media so your friends will know. Hence the article Backup Android Applications and Data Without Root

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