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Tricks how to log into the Mobile Legends account without having to be the newest level 8

How to change Mobile Legends account below level 8 – Mobile Legends is a very popular Moba game, not only among adults, but also children play Mobile Legends or ML. Due to the popularity of Mobile Legends, they are always busy updating the game features, one of which makes ml players happy, namely being able to log in / enter accounts / change accounts before level 8

Tricks how to log in to change Mobile Legends account without being the latest level 8

With the removal of the Mobile Legends entry requirement, you must be level 8. This is very useful because when changing your cellphone or cellphone there is an error and needs to be reset, the Mobile Legends Player needs to install a new Mobile Legends application, automatically follow the tutorial first until you have many levels before changing accounts or enter accounts. It’s nice, right, the level 8 requirement to enter Mobile Legends has been removed?

In the strategy game Mobile Legends, most professional players have multiple accounts to practice heroes or feel heroes so that the main account’s win rate does not decrease. Of course, after creating a new account you will also want to open or log in or change the old one and this is very helpful.

With changing Mobile Legends accounts to one another or getting in and out of Mobile Legends accounts has become a routine for Mobile Legends game enthusiasts, the admin really wants to create a tutorial on how to change ML accounts without being level 8 have to

If you want to create a new Mobile Legends account without resetting your phone and losing your account, see How to Create Many New Mobile Legends Accounts Without an Android Reset

How to enter a Mobile Legends account without having to be level 8

The first way to log into a Mobile Legends account without having to wait for level 8

  1. The prerequisite is that the account is linked to Moonton or Facebook or is binding
  2. If your phone is new or your phone has been reset, install Mobile Legends from the Playstore
  3. Open the mobile legend game
  4. Do not choose OK, choose direct login
    Tricks How to enter login to change Mobile Legends account without having to be the latest level 8 direct login
  5. Choose Facebook or Moonton and Gmail linked to a Mobile Legends account
  6. Congratulations, you’ve logged in / entered mobile legends without having to wait for level 8

Second way

  1. If the above policy is removed by moonton
  2. Then you have to create a new account and complete the tutorial up to level 4, if I’m not mistaken and it doesn’t reach level 8, you can enter the old Mobile Legends account
    Mobile legend login account
  3. As long as you can enter your profile, you can link an existing account linked on Facebook or a Moonton account

Account problems are very important in the world of gamers, because with an account we can continue the game that we have built for a long time or sell the account. And this trick is free with no diamonds mobile legends

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