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Top 5 Marvel Super War Marksman, for Beginners to Experts!

Top 5 Marvel Super War Marksman, for Beginners to Experts!

Popularity Marvel Super War as MOBA The new that is increasingly popular makes players flock to become top players. Although there is no projection whether NetEase as publisher will be intense Moonton with Mobile Legends in terms of promotions and tournaments, there’s nothing wrong with you sitting on the leaderboard so that the pro team can easily detect you.

So for that, you have to climb the ranks as soon as possible. The MMR grinding system is more or less the same for each MOBA. Use the best heroes and play the most suitable role for you.

Special for lovers marksman, this is a list of the best long range fighters in Marvel Super War, from beginner-friendly to unique mechanics to raise your stars

– Hawkeye

Top 5 Marvel Super War Marksman, for Beginners to Experts!

The first marksman you have, this one hero has a passive maphack ability which can be a signal of vigilance so that you avoid being attacked by your opponent.

Passive skills I Never Miss increase attack range and vision Hawkeye each level up, while at the same time detecting hidden enemies.

Even though this hero is quite slow on the farm in any lane jungle, but when the main items are collected, Hawkeye have a lethal blow to the opponent. Multipurpose Bow deals significant damage per second to enemies, it doesn’t even take him long to crush tanker wrong step.

Hawkeye very easy to use for new players but as your rank increases, your opponent has a new hero who is more agile and difficult to control Hawkeye.

– Angel

Top 5 Marvel Super War Marksman, for Beginners to Experts!

Unlike Hawkeye whose skills are not much adventurous, Angel has more dangerous moves. The ability of this X-Men member with angel wings is more for high burst damage than dps.

His main attack skill, Sacred Feathers releases five deadly feathers that will attack nearby targets. Strengthened by passive Flechettes which launches two additional feathers with 30% higher damage and Judgment which increases attack speed.

Angel is also different from most marksman in Marvel Super War because he is blessed with initiation and escape skills. The ultimate Angel’s Coming brings Angel closer to the target while giving him a shield and additional movement speed. If Angel is chased by an opponent, he can escape with Holy Vestiges.

This hero is quite balanced in all stages of the game, you will still be relevant to use Angel at low rank or high rank.

– Rocket Raccoon

Top 5 Marvel Super War Marksman, for Beginners to Experts!

This cute but vicious experimental creature is not as complicated as the background when it is played. The skills are only attack boosters, escape mechanisms and ultimate mines that express the nosy character of Rocket Raccoon.

Rocket must be as frequent as last-hit minions in order to get spare parts to upgrade their weapons to be more sophisticated. The point is it’s not difficult to play Rocket, kill the enemy troops, shoot the opponent’s hero and win the match.

Even though it’s easy to play, Rocket can be your choice to explore matches at high ranks

– Yondu

Top 5 Marvel Super War Marksman, for Beginners to Experts!

The leader of the Ravager space gang has a unique fighting mechanic. The whistling arrow looks difficult to use but it’s quite easy, you can adjust the short length of the arrow’s movement using the attack button. Slide the attack button according to the direction marker and your arrow will fly away.

Even so, you should be able to see where your arrow last stopped because your attack position will be different every time. What is clear, Yondu is not an easy hero to deal with when laning because his Yaka Arrow always attacks you until it is out of Yondu’s reach.

Not only offensive matters, Yondu can protect well thanks to Ravager Kick. This skill keeps enemies too close while giving additional movement speed and immunity from control effects for 0.75 seconds.

Yondu is a reliable laning hero and a deadly killer to use in mid to high rank matches.

– Star-Lord

Top 5 Marvel Super War Marksman, for Beginners to Experts!

The last Marksman we recommend you have is the captain of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Star-Lord is a very agile and annoying hero. His ultimate weapon is a barrage of deadly energy shots and a short cooldown. But what makes this hero feared is his ability to colonize the opponent’s forest alone.

Star-Lord can be a few marksman heroes who are most suitable for using tactic leech. Let’s Rock allows him to quickly slash forest monsters, then activate Rocket Boots to escape.

The opponent will not realize that the forest has been deforested from the monsters that are needed to increase gold and xp. In big battles, Star-Lord can’t be like the average marksman who stays in place and shoots enemies. He has to keep moving with Let’s Rock and Rocket Boots for maximum damage.

This method also allows Star-Lord to circle the enemy tanker and directly target the opponent’s core such as hero energy or marksman. If you don’t have Star-Lord, you should immediately buy it and learn how to play it. Guaranteed the enemy will have difficulty stopping your agile movements.

Those are the five marksman recommended by Esports.ID. Which esports buddy do you prefer?

Source: ESports.ID

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