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Tips for saving extravagant internet data quotas on all androids

Tips for saving internet data quotas – In Indonesia, internet data quotas are still quite expensive and still use a limited quota system, even though we need internet for daily needs on smartphones or computers for work, communication or entertainment.

Tips on how to save extravagant internet data quotas on all Android coverage

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Sometimes we feel wasted with quotas. the 3g hsdpa network alone quickly used up the internet data contingent, especially since the 4g LTE network has now reappeared. All we can do is set our Android so that it doesn’t access the internet for activities that aren’t important, like turning off automatic Playstore updates when it’s not important, it doesn’t need to be updated. The following is the author’s love attitude on how to save internet data quotas

Android smartphone settings to save internet data quotas

1. Turn off automatic Playstore application updates

Deactivate the automatic update of the Playstore

As explained above, we need to turn off automatic application updates so as not to update applications automatically without our knowledge.
The method :

  1. Open playstore
  2. Go to settings and check “Don’t update apps automatically“or update only via WLAN
  3. did

That way, the application doesn’t update itself. We’re sorting out which applications need to be updated when there is an application update notification. Read the description of the application, if there are new useful functions we will update them, if not, don’t update them.

2. Activate the “data saver” function in the browser

Use the data saver feature of Chrome and Opera

Chrome is the best browser application that can open new web scripts. With the Chrome browser, you can save internet data quotas by using the “Data saver“With this function, the surfing activity data is compressed by up to 50%, so that we save even more on our Internet use.

If you are using the Opera browser, enable the Opera Turbo function more or less the same function as the “Data saver“in the Chrome browser

3. Reduce the streaming video quality

Reduce YouTube streaming video quality

If you enjoy streaming videos on YouTube, lower the video quality in resolution 240 or 360 the video is clear enough to see. By reducing the video quality, the data rate is more efficient and wuz wuz without buffering / loading when videos are played in slow internet areas.

4. Sleep applications that run continuously over the Internet

App hibernation

Sleep off unimportant apps that run over the Internet with the greenify app. With greenify, the application is not only put to sleep, but RAM is also saved. However, do not put important applications like social media BBM, Line and others to sleep because notifications will not appear on incoming messages, applications like games, photo editor and others will sleep.

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5. Enable the Internet data usage warning and restrict its use

You can activate the data usage function if you exceed the limit on settings> Data consumption > Cellular data>Set limit for cellular data. For example, if you’ve set an internet data quota of 3GB to 2G, i.e. if you’ve exceeded 2G data usage, you’ll see a warning that our quota is only 1GB and we need to save even more.

Additional tips, always use free Wi-Fi when available and possible, reduce activities with Internet use that are not important, do not always switch the Internet on, e.g. B. when traveling.

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