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Tips and How to Beat Lifesteal Heroes in Mobile Legends Game

Hero marksman, assassin, or mage on average use lifesteal items that make it difficult to kill or defeat. Of course this is very inconvenient because the greater the attack power, the greater the lifesteal, especially if the hero is already strong at the beginning of the game. An example of a strong enough hero at the beginning of the game is Miya because her passive skill increases attack speed, so when it becomes a lifesteal item such as Haas Claw and attack speed items such as Scarlet Phantom, Miya is strong enough to fight 1 on 1 with other heroes (besides tanks ). The items used to suck blood in this Mobile Legends game are Haas Claw, Endless Battle and Bloodlust Ax for physical attack type heroes, and Concentrated Energy for magic type heroes. Here are some tips and ways to beat heroes who rely on or use lifesteal in the Mobile Legends game.

1. Use 2 Deadly Blades or 2 Necklaces of Durance

If there is a healer hero like Estes or Rafaela, these 2 items are MANDATORY to use so that the regeneration effect or lifesteal of the opponent’s hero is reduced. Deadly blade for physical type heroes and Necklace of Durance for magic type heroes. Each of these items can reduce the enemy’s hero regeneration effect by up to 50%. Just make 2 items, then the opponent’s lifesteal ability will decrease considerably.

2. Use the hero tank to advance and resist the opponent’s attack

Lolita is one of the tank heroes who is quite strong and immune to magic when she uses her shield skill. It is very suitable to fight hero mages like Cyclops whose magic attacks are quite painful. Other tank heroes such as Akai and Hylos can also be used to withstand enemy attacks. Adjust defense items with the opponent’s hero type. If no one uses magic, then there’s no need to buy defense items for magic even though it’s been set at the beginning.

3. Use a hero that can stun or silence

Stun the hero who can lifesteal so that he can’t attack or issue his skills so that his lifesteal doesn’t run, then attack together with other team members. An example of a hero who can stun and is quite strong is Alpha. Another example is Helcurt, an assassin with the ability to silence and damage skills that are sick and cannot be underestimated.

4. Use a hero who has long range skills

This is to anticipate if the hero who was stunned and had been attacked at the same time was successfully helped by his teammates and fled so that he could not be attacked again because he had managed to escape. The only way is to use a hero with ranged skills like Yi Sun Shin or Lesley so that even if he runs away and has a small amount of blood, he will most likely die.

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