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This is the reason why PUBG Mobile cannot be downloaded

Cannot download Pubg Mobile
Why can’t pubg be downloaded?

Why PUBG Mobile can’t be downloaded ? – Hello friends, all online game fans, on this occasion the admin will give some reasons why pubg cannot be downloaded, be it in the Playstore or the App Store.

As we know, PUBG Mobile is an online game that is growing in popularity every day. PUBG Mobile is already one of the popular game applications and is played by many people.

Released not long ago, it has now reached hundreds of millions of downloads in a relatively short period of time.

This proves that the game in PUBG is actually very exciting and does not get boring.

The HD display in the PUBG game makes the game feel more real, also known as real.


Many people are confused and sometimes ask why they cannot download PUBG Mobile from the Playstore or on iOS on their smart smartphone.

In fact, there are several causes that prevent your smart smartphone from being able to download / install the PUBG Mobile game, including:


Did you know that a smartphone with less than 1GB of RAM or smartphone RAM that is only in the range of 1GB more cannot download the PUBG Mobile game.

Now that the PUBG Mobile game requires large capacity and RAM, it is no wonder that there are smartphones that cannot download this PUBG Mobile game.

It’s usually written that wayYour device is not compatible with this version

That means that your device is indeed insufficient to play PUBG Mobile games.

In addition, what we know, if you want to install the PUBG Mobile game on the Playstore or App Store, the size of the PUBG Mobile game is 1.6 GB.

Wow, that has to be really big, right? Also Read: How To Fix Voice Chat Error Not Working On Pubg Mobile.

But behind all of that, the features in this game are very good, even the HD appearance is actually people’s interest in playing this pubg mobile game.

Well, you know now, don’t you? Why can’t you download the PUBG Mobile game?

This is a brief explanation of why you cannot download PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS (iphone). Hope it’s useful.

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