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This is how you get a lot of SS in Webnovel

How to get a lot of SS in Webnovel 2021 – Reading comics and novels is no longer required to use a comic book or novel as we can now only read it on a cell phone.

There are several types of applications that now provide comic book and novel content for free to read. Well, one of them is applying Web novel.

We can easily find the webnovel application in the playstore and appstore. With a size of only a few MB you can of course say that it is not expensive.

We can download the application for free and start reading comics and novels freely with a variety of choices genre which is available. It sure is very good, isn’t it? In addition, there are many comics and novels that we can only read through this webnovel application.

In addition to using Indonesian for any comic or novel content, comics and novels on Webnovels are of course also available in English. So we just have to choose comics or novels in which language we want to read.


As with other online applications, there is also the use of digital currency in Webnovel, dedicated to each user of the application.

Well the digital currency is Ghost stones or so-called SS.

There are several ways to get the spirit in this webnovel. Find out how to get it here how do i get ss on webnovel.

1. Buy ghost stones

One of the fastest ways to get ghost stones in web novels is to buy the ghost stones directly.

Of course, buying this SS web novel is not free because we have to spend money on it.

Even so, the spirit we can get is quite a bit too. So this will certainly make it very easy for us to do everything with SS.

There are several choices for the number of SS along with the face price that we can choose. From the price of Rp. 16500 rupiah with a total of 50 SS SS, up to 2500 SS + 750 SS bonus at a price of Rp. 825,000 rupees.

The payment method can be made using a Google Wallet credit or an operator credit. So all we have to do is decide which payment method is easier.

2. Complete the task (mission)

Would you like to get spirits for free? Well, one of the easiest and most proven ways to have this SS web novel available for free is to complete the missions available.

There are a lot of missions there. So we can get SS for free every day without any problems.

For daily missions, there are many missions presented like missions Check in Here we just have to enter the webnovel application and then claim the SS reward, then the mission is to invite friends with 50 SS prizes, watch videos and get other reward missions.

In addition, there are renewal missions that can also give free SS gifts. So keep completing every mission so that the SS can be collected quickly and a lot.

3. Using the Code Redemption Gift Card

Do you have a Webnovel redemption code? Then you can use it to get a large number of Spirit Stones.

If you have a redemption code you can request it immediately for a random prize in the form of SS.

To claim the redemption code gift go to the section Mind >> Redeem, then enter the redemption code and press “Repay“.

If the redemption code is valid, the gift in the form of a ghost stone is immediately available.

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That’s the discussion about How do I get a lot of SS in Webnovel that you can try. If you follow these methods, the ability to get lots of SS webnovels will be easily realized. Hopefully this can be useful to all of you, good luck.

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