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This is how you get all free Fire Skins proven for free

How To Get The Latest Free Fireless Skin / How To Get Free ff Skins 2021

How to get all of the free skins on Free Fire – Hi friends all Free Fire players, if there is a good opportunity the admin is going to give you all a trick this time on how to get free Free Fire (FF) skins like free permanent Free Fire weapon skins for you to get all kinds can be free of skins.

Wow, sure you really want to be able to get free fire skins for free? Naturally. However, before you start discussing how to get all of the free skins in Free Fire, let’s know a little bit about Free Fire.

Free Fire is an online game where players can only play the game using a smartphone, be it Android or iOS.

In 2021, the Free Fire game can be said to be the game that has the most users compared to other game applications. Before the presence of this Free Fire game, many gamers preferred to play MOBA games.

However, over time and the presence of the Free Fire game, most of the people prefer the Free Fire game. In the past, games with this type of game were only playable on the PC, now they can only be played on smartphones. As long as you have to select an internet quota and smartphone specs that support the game.


There are many things or items that we must have in this Garena Free Fire game in order to better support more exciting and fun games, including skins. There are many types of skins for characters or weapons in this Free Fire game. Unfortunately, not all free fire skins are available for free.

However, my friend doesn’t have to worry because the admin will discuss below This is how you get all the skins for free and fire-free safe, quick and easy. Buddy can get permanent ff weapon skins, free permanent clothes, free masks and so on for free. This way my friend can get a free fire skin whichever you want.

In addition, there is no need for root access to get this free ff skin also known as no root (no root). So, you don’t have to go through the hassle of rooting your cellphone first. Want to know more about How to get free fire skins? Just follow the simple steps below.


1. The first step is to first download and install the Lulubox application.>.

2. After the Lulubox application has been successfully downloaded, open and start the application and then select the game icon “Free fire“included in the Lulubox application.

3. Please download the plugin first and activate it directly. If you don’t understand, my friend can keep track of it by looking at the picture below.

Permanently download the Free Fire 2021 Skin Cheat Method Free / Download the Free ff Skin File

4. After the plugin has been activated successfully, my friend, then select it and click on “begin“Later, the Free Fire game will open automatically.

A quick way to get free ff skins also known as free ff skins

5. Then my friend goes to the menu “shop“, Then to the section”FashionThen pick any item you want, from head to toe (whatever you want) because you can get it all for free or for free.

How to get free skin free fire 2021 lulubox

6. If so, then you can select the button return and just ignore the number of diamonds, i.e. no need to push the diamond button as all items are free to buy and use.

How to get a permanent weapon skin in Free Fire 2021

Secure! Now my friend has managed to get all the free root free skins in free fire. You can buy any skin according to your needs and interests.

Here’s how to get all of the free fire skins that you can try. Remember if you want to use all of these skins you will need to run the Free Fire game through the Lulubox application. Hopefully this will be useful for all FF players. That’s the whole discussion about the Free Fire game, good luck.

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