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This is how you can top up your PayPal credit easily and free of charge

This is how you can top up your PayPal balance easily and free of charge – Virtual payment instruments that are widely used by internet users are: PayPal because it’s easy, fast and safe. You can read how to register PayPal in the article on how to register paypal easily without a credit card

However, sometimes we get confused when we top up the balance paypalThere are actually many ways to buy credits from other people, for example, but the courses are quite expensive. In this article I will discuss how to top up the balance Paypal free and easy
What is needed is;

  1. account Paypal (first register at as in the article Paypal easily register without a credit card
  2. Android phone / smartphone or iPhone IOS.

The conditions are simple, you must have an Android phone, yes, because with Android or iPhone we install the application weapon and will mine dollars with the application. This article is for serious people only.

  1. Find and install Whaff Rewards directly in the Playstore then install it on Android and open the app. Search in Iphone IOS and install in the APPstore
  2. Open the app weapon and log in with your Facebook account.
  3. A code entry field appears automatically, which is only displayed on 1X occasion. You can get a decent first dollar bonus on the balance weapon not empty by entering Bonus invitation code: AF42795 D.First, write down the code because if you don’t use the code you won’t get the first dollar, which is the credit. weapon blank if the code is not used. Also enter posts Captcha correct, if any, then OK
    This is how you can top up your PayPal credit easily and free of charge

  4. Must do To add more dollar balance, di Premium selection You need to install applications and games and complete per-application tasks to get rewards in the form of dollars that are different from each application. The more applications that are tried, the more the dollar rewards for being multiplied will prove. Pay $ 0.1 to $ 1 per application if the task is done correctly
  5. Example of trying the OLX application, the task is to create an account and view sales contributions, the second example is to try the game, the task is to play it up to level e, the task of each application is different and you get a bonus when you play the application that you try out for a few minutes every day
  6. Also, install Waff Locker through the Playstore if there isn’t a premium selection as just opening the lock screen pays you dollars and the results are combined with Waffreward
  7. If you are diligent every day, your bankroll will grow quickly
  8. In a day it can be $ 5, you know, if a month has reached at least $ 150 in the first tier, there is also a new month to get $ 1,700, about Rp.19 million when it is converted into Rupiah, it’s delicious ….
  9. Proud of generating additional income myself, no longer having to ask for pocket money from parents
  10. Go to the invitation menu and share it on social media

Screenshot proof See picture Rankink 1 Bagas Pramudita is already $ 20,000 thousand dollars maybe more now

Screenshot evidence

PayPal Screenshot Proof

Screenshot evidence

Screenshot evidence

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