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This is how you can easily log out of the Viu app

This is how you simply log out of the viu app – The viu app is a movie watching app that is now very popular and can be downloaded for free.

With this viu app we can watch films from other countries in Asia.

With this VIU application we can watch Korean drama films, Thailand and several films from other Asian countries.

How to sign out of Android and iPhone

In addition, the films were also provided with Indonesian subtitles, which make it much easier for us as VIU users to understand every spoken language.

At only 12MB in size, this one application is quite small in size.

On top of that, Viu is also very popular, you know, even now it has been downloaded to hit 10 million+ downloads.

It can be seen from the fantastic number of downloads and quite a few users that this application is actually worth a try by Kpop fans and Asian drama lovers.

However, if you only look at it from the good side, it turns out that this Viu application also has some difficulties that its users encounter when it is difficult to use go out or Account deregistration from the app Viu This.

In fact, we are basically not going to find a button to exit or sign out accounts in this Viu application as Viu does not provide this itself.

This is what is sure to confuse many of its users when it comes to overcoming such things.

But don’t worry, because behind all of this we can log out ourselves by deleting the application data. Erasing data means that all old data will be erased. After deletion, your Viu application starts from the beginning and you have to log in from the beginning.

Deleting this data is actually very simple and straightforward. You can delete the viu app data on your device. Whether on an Android smartphone or an iOS smartphone (iphone), you can even log out of VIU on a PC by simply deleting the application data.

Well, for those of you who don’t know how, you can see the steps below. Oh yes, the example I’m using below is the Android smartphone type.

How to log out of the Viu app

1. Please open first settings or the settings on your smartphone.

2. Then search App manager or App manager >> use.

3. Then search for the application Viu and tap the application, then select delete data then choose clean up.

How to end the video

That’s it. You have now successfully logged out of the Viu application. It turns out that it isn’t hard, is it?

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The last word

That is How to log in to Viu. away that you can try. Hopefully this will be useful for those of you who are having trouble logging out of Viu. If you still don’t understand something about this VIU application, you can ask in the comment column below. Much luck.

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