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This is how you can easily get free VIP at Joox by 2021 at the latest

How to get free VIP on Joox 2021 – One of the most popular music applications for Android and iOS, namely Joox. On this occasion the admin will now discuss about the Joox application, namely how to get a free Joox VIP without paying for the latest iPhone / iOS / Android in 2021.

As we know, Joox is one of the music application that is used quite widely by people to listen to songs online for free and free so much.

As users, we can of course listen to different types of songs, both from different languages ​​and genre diverse.

The Joox application is very fun to use as we can listen to millions of songs freely and for free just through one application.

However, there are also restrictions for the users. So one way to get rid of all of these restrictions is to buy VIP.

There are several benefits that we get when we become a VIP user on Joox, namely free access to millions of songs, the ability to listen to music offline, and being ad-free.

Of course, users would like to have Joox VIP especially for free, be it every month or forever.

So, if you want to get Joox Vip for free without paying, there are some tips you can follow on how to get VIP on Joox for free permanently forever 2021 at the latest. This is how you get Joox VIP free of charge.


1. Doing tasks from Joox

One way to get VIP on Joox for free is to do tasks provided by the Joox application itself.

You can complete any quest indicated by the Joox application.

To do this, enter your Joox application and then select Joox VIP, then complete any quest. This way, of course, you can get VIP Joox for free without having to buy it.

Please note, however, that conditions apply to these tasks, which can be lost at any time according to the conditions imposed by the Joox application itself.

2. Create a new account

For example, in order to be able to get VIP Joox for free forever without paying, you can create a new account again.

You can create a new account when the VIP free grant period has expired. Usually this free Joox VIP is only given for 2 weeks.

So when you create a new account, you can of course enjoy Joox VIP forever for free by continuing to change accounts after the VIP free trial period ends.

To be able to do this, you can first delete the Joox application data and then log in with an email or social network that you have never registered as a Joox account.

3. Use of the rewards page

Is it possible to buy VIP from Joox without using any money?

In fact, you can use a rewards website that gives out prizes like credit and google play gift cards where we buy VIP on Joox without having to spend any money. Well, the site is called Point-Web.

Please note, however, that this method is not an instant or quick way to get VIP on Joox for free, but we will have to complete the tasks in it in order to earn points.

With the collected points we can exchange credit or Google Play gift codes with which you can buy Joox VIP without having to use any money. Information on purchasing the Joox VIP can be found here.

To collect the points it contains, you can do various tasks in it, such as: B. Track tasks at action points, download applications, register and other tasks like purchase points, etc.

In order to be able to start on the Poin website, you must of course first become a member. You can go to the official website or go directly here. Then fill in the required registration data.

4. Deactivate the Joox connection

Would you like to know how to get Joox VIP free forever for free?

Well, one way to continue enjoying Joox’s free VIP feature even after the VIP period has expired is to disable the connection for the Joox application.

However, please note in advance that your Joox account must first contain VIP in order to receive the VIP permanently. If not, you can create a new account to get the VIP.

Then open the settings on your smartphone, select the Joox application and switch off data usage for the Joox application. Then open your Joox application and now you can have free VIP on Joox permanently.

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That’s about a couple How to get a free Joox VIP account the newest thing you can try. If you are also a Spotify user, here is how to get Premium for free. Hopefully this can be useful to all of you. Much luck.

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