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This is how you can easily create a single room in Hago

How to create a singing room in Hago 2021 / how to create a hago karaoke room

How to create a singing room / karaoke room in Hago – Playing dozens of unique and interesting games through just one application is of course the desire of some people, especially gamers.

Well, one application that is now available on the Playstore and Appstore that offers different types of games just through the application is the Hago application.

The Hago application is one of the many types of game applications that are very successful in terms of generating public interest, especially among gamers, as the Hago application has dozens of different unique games that are only available in the application.

In the past there weren’t as many games in Hago as there are today. The fact is, however, that the application developer at Hago has actually carried out intensive updates recently, especially updates for the games it contains.

Updating and adding new games is indeed the main goal of Hago application developers to keep the application users happy so they don’t get bored easily and keep Hago as the first choice in terms of entertainment.

One of the most obvious innovations from the game developer Hago is the chat room function.

This chat room function was not previously available. However, since the latest update, users can enjoy the entertainment feature with a different sensation than playing online games available in the application.

In this chat room, users can host or be a guest. To be host, Users need to create a room first. In the meantime, users can enter and join other people’s chat rooms to become guests.


By creating a chat room, users of the Hago application can interact with each other. When creating a chat room on Hago, users can now choose what type of room they want, including a music / vocal room.

Creating a vocal room in the Hago application is of course very easy. However, there are also users who are confused and do not understand how to make a music room in Hago. So if you are one of those users who don’t know how to do it, you can follow the sample steps here. Here are the steps to create a singing room in Hago.

1 Chat room.

How to create a karaoke room in Hago

2 Pentagon what’s top right.

How do I create a singing room in Hago

3 Room theme, Buddy pick a topic music, then press OK.

4 << Done! Now the space has been made successful. The next step, my friend, is to turn the music on so that it can be heard by guests entering the room you have created. To turn the music on, my friend can do this using the picture tab Line three at the top right of the part of the room you have created.

How do you sing in hago

Please note that the music played in the room you created must use the music stored on your device Smartphone Dude. You can turn on the microphone to sing, do karaoke, and interact with guests in your music room.

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This is roughly how you can create a singing room in the Hago application. Hopefully, with the steps outlined above, it can help all of the Hago application users who are having problems with this. That’s the whole discussion, good luck.

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