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These are the items that need to be prepared for Childe Update 1.1

Childe Genshin Impact
Childe Genshin Impact

In this week, Genshin impact will present the update version 1.1 that players have been waiting for.

In version 1.1, Genshin impact features a lot of new content including new locations, new bosses, events and of course playable new character.

One of the most anticipated new characters is Childe Tartaglia.

Perhaps you met him briefly as part of Liyue’s story.

Childe is a member of Fatui and one of the eleven harbingers.

For those of you looking to get Childe in Update 1.1, here are 4 must-have items Agriculture From now on.

Childe upgrade items

Based on information from Redditwho have favourited items needed to improve Childe’s talent require the Freedom Book and Insignia.

A Lazurite mix is ​​required to unlock Childes Level Cap.

Cleansing heart, starconches and insignia again.

NGE-BLOG rat |  Upgrade materials for childe
Upgrade materials for childe

Putting together everything you need may seem like a chore, but here are a few places you can look for the items above.

Starconch location

Starconch pictures
Starconch pictures

Starconch can be found on the beach in the Liyue region. However, this article can be easily found from two places. First is Yaoguang shoal. Starconch is particularly common in this southernmost coastal area. The second place you can visit Guyun stone forest, south of Yaoguang Shoal.

When hunting for starconch, watch out for light blue clams. You can also use the Elemental Sight feature to find the starconch that will stand out better in the sand. It is estimated that a total of 168 Starconch would be required to raise Childe’s overall level cap (level 90).

Court badge

Childe needs items called recruits badges, sergeant badges, and lieutenant badges in order to level up. Starting with the increase of the talent level up to Childes level upper limit (advancement). These three items can be found by defeating human characters associated with the Fatui group. The recruit’s insignia can be obtained by any defeated “human”; Sergeant’s Insignia is obtained by people level 40 and up; The lieutenant’s badge is obtained by people level 60 and above.

The best way to get these items is to defeat Fatui bosses like Electro Cicin Mage, the Fatui Pyro Agent, and Fatui Skirmishers. All Fatui bosses can be easily found by using your journal and going to the Boss tab. This will give you the exact location to fight each boss.

None of the above bosses need resin to get Insigni, so you don’t have to worry. To maximally climb Childe, you need a total of 18 badges of the recruit, 30 badges of the sergeant and 36 badges of the lieutenant.

Farm talent book “Freedom”

To maximize Childe’s talent, you will need a lot of “Freedom” talent book series. This series consists of the individual sections “Freedom”, Guide to “Freedom” and Philosophies of “Freedom”. You can find all three from the Forsaken Rift domain in Moon Town near Springvale. You must first reach Adventure Rank 27 to access the domain and this domain will open on Monday and Thursday or Sunday to receive all talent books at random (not recommended).

Farm cleaning heart and Varunada Lazurite

Like all Hydro characters, Childe requires a purifying heart and lazurite to level up. Varunada Lazurite and all its variants can be obtained by defeating the Oceanid boss in the Bishui Plains in Liyue.

Or you can track the location of the boss tab in the diary. You can also get Lazurite by defeating Wolf of the North, but of course the items you get are random. You can also buy lazurit in small quantities from the souvenir shops in Liyue and Mondstadt.

Currently, the only way to get Lazurit is to defeat Oceanid. For Varunada Lazurite, Childe needs 1 splinter, 9 fragments, 9 chunks and 6 gems.

If there are more, all of the Varunada Lazurites can be taken to the next level using the Alchemy Station feature. It would take Childe 46 cleansing hearts to complete a full ascent.

These are the things that have to befarm yard if you look for childe in the update Genshin impact Version 1.1 will be released on November 11th. I look forward to tips and tricks and instructions Genshin impact others only on NGE-BLOG RATS!

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