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These are 5 heroes who can beat / counter Karina

Karina is indeed a bloodthirsty killer. If HP is low, don’t expect to be able to escape from Karina because her damage is painful and her movement or running speed is very fast. However, this hero is not invincible either. Here are 5 heroes who can defeat or counter Karina’s attacks.

1. Hilda

High Defense and Magic Defense and not small damage make Hilda a tank with damage that cannot be underestimated. Not only that, when skill 2 is activated, Hilda can run very fast even Karina can’t match her.

2. Zilong

This half-assassin fighter has high defense and fairly fast attacks and painful damage. Even though Karina has passive immune skills against basic attacks, that doesn’t mean Karina is completely immune. There are still normal attacks hitting Karina.

3. Harley

This clown has a magic skill where he can throw a hat and then leave, and when he uses his skill again, he can return to where the hat was thrown. Before Harley attacks Karina, usually Harley will throw a hat first in preparation for escaping. Harley can use the ultimate skill, namely the ring of fire and then throw a card then immediately run away when Karina is about to strike back.

4. Fanny

With her cable skill, Fanny becomes very difficult to beat because she can run away quickly and far when she is about to be attacked. In addition, he can attack opponents while using the cable, this skill makes him an assassin that is difficult to match. In fact, Karina can be quickly defeated if used correctly. However, using this hero is not easy, so if you are not professional, it will only be a burden on the team.

5. Alucard

Don’t try to go by one with this one hero when all the items are ready because you will most likely lose. This is due to the very high percentage of Alucard’s lifesteal. In fact, sometimes Alucard can defeat 2 heroes at once easily.