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These 5 Heroes Are Rarely Used in Ranked Game Mobile Legends 2021

In playing ranked games, of course, players use their respective flagship heroes, but there are some heroes that are rarely used, especially in ranked games. There are those who feel that these heroes are difficult to use, but there are also those who say that their abilities are not as great as other heroes that are often used in ranked games. Here are 5 heroes that are rarely used in ranked games.


When choosing Nana in a ranked game, usually some teammates are annoyed and some are dismissive. This is because Nana’s damage is not too pronounced and its use is difficult. In addition, often players who choose Nana are not good at using it so that they become the enemy’s target in the game.


Ever since Estes’ appearance, Rafaela’s whereabouts have been somewhat questioned. This is because Rafaela is a support hero but has 2 skills to attack with small damage. The only skill that is useful for the team is the second skill that is useful for healing the team.


This tank is a bit unique. Minotaur is a tank type hero but his first skill and ultimate skill are used to attack and have nothing to do with defense, or support such as lock and stun the opponent. The second skill used to heal is also less useful because it is better to choose Estes who has 2 heal skills. The attack didn’t hurt at all. The only function of the Minotaur is when the rage bar is full and the ultimate skill is used, the enemy heroes around the Minotaur will jump (affected by effects such as stun), and cannot move for a while.


Alice is one of the mages that is rarely used because her first skill is easy to avoid, besides that when she uses her ultimate skill she must be near the opponent continuously, while Alice’s defense is small and the hero of the marksman or assassin type usually has a lifesteal item as well. Likewise the second skill that must be near the opponent.


Damage from Sun is not too pronounced, including damage from cloning resulting from his passive skill. In addition, the cloning defense is also small and even increases the strength of the opponent because when the clone is killed, the opponent will get gold.