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The Strongest Lasse Assassin in Chess Rush ML

The Sickest Lasse Assassin in Chess Rush? | GEAR MLBB

Hello GMLBB friends, this time GMLBB will discuss a game that has become popular, Chess Rush. The discussion this time is the Hero Assassin, Lasse, is it true that Lasse is the sickest Assassin in Chess Rush?

We know that assassin type heroes are assassin types, who are assigned to kill opponents quickly. Usually this assassin hero attacks the hero in the back row of the opponent, who if the opponent keeps his main hero behind the assassin is in charge of killing him.

One of the assassin heroes is Lasse, Lasse is an Elf who is an assassin type. This hero is the most expensive assassin when we want to use it. But does the price match its capabilities? We will discuss it now.

Lasse who has the Phantom Formation skill
Summons a series of ghost battle swords that deal 6/8/10 swords with sword dancers and shields that withstand 6/8/10 attacks. Each attack will consume 1 sword and increase attack damage by 120/180/240.

Lasse has 2800 HP at one star level, and increases to 5600 at two star level and becomes 11200 at 3 star level. Judging from his HP Lasse has better HP than other Assassins, for example Horned Menace who is a Beast who has 2200 HP at 1 star level and 8800 at 2 star level.

In addition to HP which is better than other assassins, Lasse also has a fairly painful attack damage, which is 350 at 1 star level, 700 attack damage at 2 star level and 1400 at 3 star level. The damage he has is the most painful when compared to assassins. others for example Headreaper which only has 1080 attack damage at 3 star level. Even this damage is better than other heroes, the hero who has the most damage besides Lasse is The Executioner, he has 325 or 25 damage below Lasse’s damage.

But with this ability, Lasse can only be obtained in the middle of the fight or towards the end of the fight. So, let alone to reach the 3-star level to get just one will be quite difficult. If you want to use this sick assassin, you have to prepare the right combo. So if you buy this hero, the combo you are using is ready for this hero.

Next, GMLBB will discuss combos/Formations/synergies that are suitable for Lasse to use, so that this Assassin’s ability can be maximized.

Here are two combos you can use if you want to use Lasse.

1. 6 Assassins and 4 Druids

Because Lasse is an Assassin hero, to optimize it we use 6 Assassins at once. With this combo, the synergy of 6 Assassins will activate with it, allied Assassins become invisible at the start of the battle, and their first normal attack deals 300% damage. Normal attacks have a 25% chance to make the assassin invisible.

With this combo, Lasse will become very sick, especially with an additional 300% damage. This combo also activates several other synergies such as 4 Elves, 4 Druids, 4 Beasts and Demons.

Another advantage of this Combo is that your druid can level up quickly, with the synergy of 4 Druids.

2. 6 Elf 3 Assassin

The next formation that is suitable is a combination of Elf and Assassin. This also becomes very suitable for Lasse because Lasse is an Elf-type Assassin. This combination will activate the synergy of 6 Elves and 3 Assassins in which there is Lasse.

6 Elves: Allied elves have a 30% chance to ensnare the target for 1.5 seconds when attacking. Allied elves have a 15% chance to ensnare the target for 1.5 when attacked.

3 Assassin: Allied assassins become invisible at the start of the battle. The first normal attack deals 250% damage, and subsequent attacks have a 15% chance of rendering them invisible.

With this combination, Lasse can be maximized because it is supported by two synergies at once, namely Assassin and Elf. In addition to the two synergies, this formation will activate other synergies such as 2 Druids, 2 Beasts, 1 Punisher.

So that’s the discussion about the Lasse hero in Chess Rush. What do you think? is Laser reliable? or do you have another mainstay assassin? please write your comments below.

If you have suggestions or criticisms for this website, don’t hesitate. Just write it in the comments column, we really look forward to suggestions from readers.

Thank you for visiting GMLBB, see you in our next article.



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