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The most interesting collection of Comic Line WebToon in 2021

The most interesting collection of Comic Line WebToon in 2021 – Reading comics is a very interesting hobby, especially since there are already free online comics available through the LINE WebToon application. Many comics are provided in this application by professional comic book makers from around the world and already support Indonesian.

The most interesting collection of Comic Line WebToon in 2021 covers

Comics on Line WebToon are presented in good quality, with clear images and a clear plot with many episodes, so the story is eagerly awaited until the end. There are a lot of comics scattered in this application, of the many comics, of course, there are some comics that have the best and best reviews and are considered the most interesting by the readers.

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The following has been compiled by the Indonesian Android tutorial team, some of the best WebToon Line comics collections
this could be the next comic reading:

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1. Nobility

Comic Noblesse Webtoon

Noblesse Fantasy Comics by Jeho Son / Kwangsu Lee and receive evaluation 9.81 tells the story of a vampire named Rai who woke up from a long sleep for 820 years and began his new life attending a school founded by his faithful servant. Rai gets a mysterious attack from a group called “Unions”. Publish every day

2. Girls Of The Wilds

Comics Girls Of The Wilds fantasy genre by Hun / Zhena Rating received 9.73 tells the story of gorgeous high school girls who are super tough, highly educated, beautiful, rich, and strong at fighting, but who also crave true love. Are those Wild High School students going to get their true love, check out this comic that was published Every Thursday.

3. Cheese in the trap

Cheese in the Trap Comic Free Webtoon

Comic Cheese In The Trap Genre Romance by baldkki Rating received 9.71 tell someone named Seol Hong, a hardworking student who just finished his vacation. Seol feels that his life has become miserable around his senior named Jung Yu who is a famous handsome guy. Is that just a guess or an intention? Comic cheese in the trap Appears every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday


Lokism comic genre drama by Taejoon Park Rating received 9.73 Content: “Life is better when you look charming. Are you sure?” A student who is always bullied by his friends for having an ugly and fat face. but someday get the power to change bodies with handsome boys. Rise Every Thursday


Hive comic thriler genre of Kyusam Kim Rating received 9.65 Content: “Help! Giant insects rule the earth! Appears every Saturday and Sunday

6. Tahilalats

free tahilalats webtoon comics

Tahilalats comic by Nufadli Mursyid Indonesians, this comic belongs to the comedy genre and is getting a rating 9.66 and including the most popular comics on WebToon, which tell of the daily lives of people today, which are processed into comedy stories with good moral messages. Appears every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

7. The god of high school

Comic The God Of High School Fantasy Genre by Yongje Park Rating received 9.79 tells the story of high school life looking for the toughest high school boy in a tournament. Published every day.

These are some of the most popular collections from Line Webtoon comics
which is summarized by the Indonesian Android tutorial based on reviews that you may also find interesting and need to read.

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