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The easy way to get the latest 99999 Castle Clash Gems

Easy ways to get 99999 Gems Castle Clash – Indonesian Android Tutorial – Another game that is trending on smartphones is Castle Clash when it comes to Indonesianized Castle Conflict. This game is a war strategy game like Clash Of Clans, the gameplay is no less interesting than COC.

The easy way to get the latest 99999 Castle Clash Gems

Like COC, Castle Clash also requires an item called Gems
These items are premium items that can be used to level up faster and buy legendary heroes. By having a lot of gems, we can increase the level at will and will always win in war.

If you are a Castle Clash player and you are struggling to get a lot of gems, follow these steps so that you can safely and legally get free gems.

How to get Castle Clash Gems legally and safely for Android and IOS

How To Use A New Booming Application To Get Dollars
namely the WHAFF premium application. The method is very simple. The dollar results achieved can be used to buy unlimited gems or to buy paid applications / games in the Playstore or to be exchanged for rupiah at local Indonesian banks.

like BRI, BCA, Mandiri, etc. You will be proud to get your own pocket money. Curious how? Just follow these steps:

  1. First enter the Playstore and search for Whaff Rewards, then install it on your Android
  2. Open the app WHAFF rewards and press Sign up, sign in with your Facebook account. Search and download for IOS in the AppStore.
    The easy way to get the latest 99999 Castle Clash Gems
  3. When prompted for a code after signing in, enter. a Bonus invitation code: AF42795 . Captcha right and in the right place OK
    Free Gems Code Coc

  4. After entering the account code, you will have the first dollar balance and it will continue to grow as you complete the task by downloading the recommended application, liking Waff’s Facebook fan page, sharing G +, reviewing the playstore and many other tasks.
  5. Must and must do to increase the balance. Enter the premium selection, the latest games and apps are in, your job is just install and try it out and complete each task per application, then you will immediately receive a hefty dollar credit reward if you complete it correctly, and can be exchanged for a Playstore dollar credit to buy free gems at COC. Complete all tasks in WHAFF Pick and Premium Pick, then your credit will increase every day. You will be paid between $ 0.1 and $ 1 per application, which is enough for each application and if you are diligent, the salary will be doubled.

  6. For example, if you install and try the ‘tokopedia’ application, all you need to do is create an account and view sales posts. You will then receive rewards and bonuses for doing them every day. The second example is trying out the game, you get paid when you reach level 6 depending on the task as it varies
  7. Also install the Whaff Locker application through the playstore to increase the dollar balance as it is paid just by opening the lock screen and the results are combined with the Waff reward
  8. Go to the invitation menu and share it on social media
  9. When you’ve raised at least $ 10.5 you can exchange them for rupiah at a local bank and at least $ 12 to buy gems or diamonds
  10. know how to buy paid apps in the Playstore.
  11. To redeem, go to the withdrawal menu and select Google Play Gift Card
  12. You will be given a 20 digit Google Play gift card code, make a note of the code
    Be a Google Play Gift Card Coupon
  13. Enter the 20-digit Google Play gift card code in the “Redeem” menu in the Playstore
    so Playstore credit
  14. Your Playstore credit will automatically be increased.
  15. and ready to buy gems in COC games for free.
  16. Enter the COC game to buy gems, it will automatically remove the Playstore credit from the water.
  17. Now it is easier because there is the possibility to exchange credits

How easy is it Whaff’s dollar balance can be exchanged for real money. This method is official and legal. The following is proof of payment from WHAFF to my Paypal account, which will be exchanged for rupiah at a local bank:

The easy way to get the latest 99999 Castle Clash Gems

safe and legal, if you like this article share it on social media.

Have fun shopping.

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