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The Best Ganyu Genshin Impact Build

Are you looking for the best Ganyu Genshin Impact build? see the review of the pdscustom team this time so you can maximize the potential of these characters. As we all know, Genshin Impact has just arrived a new character named Ganyu. Along with this, several interesting events are also presented that travelers can enjoy. One of them is the application event.

Genshin Impact game is currently on the rise. Its popularity skyrocketed and touched the number of more than 10 million users. It’s only natural considering that there are not many RPG genre games that carry the concept of anime. Genshin Impact comes with really cool graphics and exciting adventures in a large place called Teyvat.

weapons and build ganyu gensin impact
weapons and build ganyu genshin impact

In addition, there are many types of genshin impact characters or heroes with different roles and abilities. No need to be confused about which hero to choose, please just look at the genshin impact tier list that we gave earlier. Now the game made by Mihoyo has a new character named Ganyu. What are his abilities like and what? best ganyu build? Here we provide a complete guide or guide.

Ganyu Genshin Impact story

To get to know more about the character, it’s a good idea to first listen to the story or ganyu background. So he was the secretary of the Yuehai Pavilion who was asked to take care of various administrative matters at Liyue port. Thousands of years passed, Liyue Qixing was constantly changing, but only Ganyu was witnessing her prosperity now.

Ganyu himself is half human and half adept. Within its territory flowed Qilin heirloom beasts. Another fact that you may need to know, he is a vegetarian. So when you go to Wanmin Restaurant, Ganyu will sit alone in a corner while eating food. Meanwhile, for the role itself, Ganyu is a character who controls the element of ice (cyro) with a bow or arrow weapon.

Ganyu’s Ability

His three abilities are as follows

  • Liutian Archeri
    • Normal: shoots arrows 6 times
    • Charge: Aims and freezes enemies when hit by arrows
  • Trail Of The Qilin
    • Casts an ice lotus with ice elemental area damage
    • The focus of the enemy/monster will target the ice lotus
  • Celestial Shower
    • Casting a sacred cyro peal that makes continuous hail
    • The hail deals damage area

Build Ganyu Genshin Impact

Since Ganyu is an ice user, then the cyro artifact is of course the most suitable for him. In this case you can choose blizzard stayer set. Using these two artifacts will increase Cyro Damage by 15%. With 4 pieces of equipment, enemies hit by their Cyro attacks will receive an additional 20% crit damage. When the enemy is frozen, the crit rate will increase by 20%.

the best ganyu gensin impact build
the best ganyu genshin impact build

other than that Noblesse Oblige also easy to find in the latest genshin impact update. This artifact can also work very well because it can increase the elemental burst damage by 20%.

Ganyu is a bow/arrow user, so you have to choose one that can work with artifacts well to keep damage to the maximum. In this case the best genshin impact ganyu weapon is Skywarp Harp. Because he is able to increase Crit Damage by 40% and has the opportunity to cause AOE attacks. With an AoE attack (area of ​​effect) or area attack, it can inflict enormous damage to the enemy. That was why the skyward harp was the best weapon for him.

harp skuwarp weapon for ganyu
harp skuwarp weapon for ganyu

If you can’t get skywarp harp then the next option is Stringless. It can also increase Ganyu’s elemental skills and increase elemental burst damage by up to 48%.

That was the best Ganyu Genshin Impact build guide that you can try. The best combination of weapons and artifacts can maximize the damage given by Ganyu, especially on AoE attacks. With his abilities, Ganyu can be one of the best cyro and long-range attackers in Genshin Impact. His ability to defeat many enemies at once at the same time.

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