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That way, your name and photo can be an animated BBM DP

This will allow your name and photo to be animated. DP BBM – DP BBM is a display image used as a profile for a BBM account which also represents our personal status. With the BBM DP we can uncover events or use them for promotions.

This way, your name and photo can be a moving BBM DP cover animation

However, if you want to have a BBM DP that is unique, fun and different from others, for example an animated BBM DP with text or pictures, you can follow the BBM tricks the author teaches.

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It is very easy to make animated DP fuel with your own name that the author teaches. How do I create a DP BBM motion animation? Follow the full tutorial below.

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How to Make a Name and Photo on an Animated BBM DP

Menu content

  • Visit the FlashDP site to create your mobile fuel DP.
  • There are many topics on the website for making mobile BBM DPs such as: B.Link text with image(Text moves with images), Flashing text(Moving writing), Flashing picture, date of birth(Birthday theme), Social media, Football fans(Soccer theme) and others)
  • I love examples of “blinking text”, “blinking text with pictures” and “soccer fans”

A. Moving BBM DP “Blinking Text” (random moving writing)

Tutor 1
  1. Go to the BBM DP manufacturer site above and select the menuFlashing text
  2. For example, write the word you want Surname
  3. Select colour and LCD style
  4. Select Submit and Download
  5. Here are the results of the unique BBM DP
    dp bbm moves names, own animation word

B. DP BBM Moving “Flashing Text With Pictures”

Tutor 2
  1. Select menu: “Flashing text (with pictures) “
  2. Write the words you want
  3. Choose your wallpaper on your Android phone
  4. Choose “Submit” And Download his dp
  5. Here are the results of his unique BBM DP:
    dp bbm moves name, word, own picture

C. DP BBM moves football fans

Tutor 3
  1. Select menu “Football fans “
  2. Write your name
  3. Write the words below
  4. For example, choose your favorite football club Barcelona, real Madrid, Manchester United or AC Milan
  5. click Submit and Download, here you have succeeded in getting dp bbm football fans to support your favorite football club
  6. Unique BBM DP results:
    dp bbm move manchester united football club

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