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Taming and Breeding Ocelots in Minecraft (Update)

In the v1.8 update, Minecraft PE added new animals. One of the interesting things is a cat.


In the past to get a cat it was necessary to tame an ocelot but in v1.8 and above we can find cats running around in the countryside and if you want to keep them you can tame them first.

However, this time gamelmit will not discuss how to tame a cat, but rather the fate of the ocelot that was affected by the update. For how to tame a cat, you can read in the previous post about how to tame a cat in Minecraft PE.

Maybe some of you are also curious as I was when there was a cat in v1.8 so there were some questions about ocelots like can ocelots still be tamed?

As we know, the ocelot was tamed to become a cat but unfortunately after the v1.8 update it was no longer possible, now the ocelot has turned into himself who doesn’t want to be controlled and has lived quietly in the forest without fear of being looked for again to become a cat haha.

However, instead they can be fed and bred. Meanwhile, the method is not much different from how to tame the ocelot first, namely you need fresh fish, whether it’s cod or salmon.

Then, hold the fish you have. Approach the ocelot slowly until it is almost near you stop. This is done so that the ocelot doesn’t run away. Just let the ocelot that comes closer anyway the ocelot will be attracted to the fish you are holding.

When the ocelot gets close, give the fish you have by pressing directly on the ocelot or writing “feed” which appears when the ocelot approaches or when you press the ocelot. Do this until love-love appears.

Then, what happens after the ocelot appears love-love?

Unfortunately again, no major changes have occurred. The ocelots that appear love-love after you feed the fish only like and think you are not a threat so that when you are around an ocelot that has appeared love-love, the ocelot will not run away.

But when there are 2 ocelots in love-love mode, they will marry and produce one ocelot chick.

So basically now the ocelot can’t turn into a cat. Those looking for a cat can look for it in the countryside, but for those of you who still want to make an ocelot to protect you from creeper mobs and phantoms, you can tie them up using a rope so they don’t run away and are always around you.