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Support the MyShake app to detect earthquakes on mobile devices

Support the MyShake app to detect earthquakes – 2 University of California scientists launched an Android application to detect earthquake vibrations on Android phones. The application can be downloaded directly from the playstore with the developer UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory

Help the MyShake application to detect earthquakes on the phone cover

For IOS app MyShake This earthquake detector was newly developed. We who live in earthquake prone areas need to support this application as it is still under development and more information is needed from users to record the data received from users for maximum results.

MyShake makes sensitive use of the accelerometer on our Android phone, which detects movement or vibration and is quickly sent to the server to receive information on how to send an alarm within seconds, so we still have plenty of time to save ourselves, e.g.

Earthquake detection app Android

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The MyShake Earthquake Detection application is very sensitive in detecting earthquake vibrations and can even detect earthquakes even if they are tucked in pockets and pouches. The functions of the MyShake application are very useful indeed, there are pictures and writing tips, if there is an earthquake then there is an earthquake story marked by blue and red circles and a graphic of the movement of our Android phone.

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Hence the article MyShake Earthquake Detection Application
It is really very scary for those who felt terrible earthquake because they support this application to get accurate information on earthquake detection
so that this application is more perfect.

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