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Simple! How to quickly increase the hero level in Mobile Legends

How to Quickly Increase Hero Levels in Mobile Legends (ML) – Playing mobile legend games is very exciting indeed, especially when we play together with our friends and closest people it will be a lot more fun.

This Moba genre game requires a team of 5 people for the game to begin. If not, then of course the game cannot be played.

Nevertheless, it will certainly be a lot of fun, because our teammates and opponents are teammates in this ML game. So our opponents are not bots like in offline games, but players in Mobile Legends.

There are several RANK divisions in this Mobile Legends game. Starting from the lowest division, namely Warrior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend, and the highest is Mythic.

Reaching the Mythic rank was of course not easy, you could even say that it was quite difficult. We need to be able to have a strategy in the game and win the game in order to get stars one by one in order to reach Mythic rank.

The higher the division we reach, the more difficult the opponents we face become. Therefore, we need to be able to have a strategy in play so that the chances of winning are very high.

There are several ways to win games continuously, such as: B. by building a solid team, the composition of the team composition based on their respective roles and gold and higher hero levels than the enemy.

How to Quickly Level Up Heroes in Mobile Legends

The higher our level in a match, the greater the chance of winning the match, as we can easily inflict great damage on the opponent.

There are several simple and easy ways to quickly level up heroes, such as:

1. Do agriculture

How to farm quickly in the mobile legend

Farming, or what is commonly referred to as jungling, is certainly familiar to most of the gamers. Well, the word is mentioned a lot in the gaming area.

Well, we can do this farming by attacking forest monsters, from large to small monsters. The more forest monsters we attack, the faster we can gain experience.

With the addition of Fast Exp, the hero’s level also increases rapidly. So do farming often so you don’t miss the enemy’s level and gold.

Also, attack the turtle so you can speed up the level of your teammates, as attacking the turtle will give you extra gold and experience.

2. Attack the minions

How to get hero ml.  levels

Not only do we attack forest monsters, but we also have to attack minions to gain experience and speed up the leveling of the heroes we use.

We can do some farming while looking at the area where most of the enemy minions begin to attack the tower.

By attacking enemy vassals, the ability to level up quickly will certainly be very easy as we will get some extra experience points that will be useful for leveling up.

So do some farming while attacking minions.

3. Attack the tower

How to gain experience in leveling up

Pushing by attacking the enemy’s tower or tower naturally also brings additional experience and gold.

We can take this opportunity to speed up the hero level increase. We can attack the tower when there are no enemies nearby.

The more turrets we can destroy, the faster we can add experience and gold.

In addition, attacking the tower offers a great chance of winning in this Mobile Legends game. So don’t forget to keep attacking the tower at the beginning of the game.

4. Attack the enemy

How to quickly increase ml

To gain experience quickly, we can also attack and kill the enemy.

If we manage to kill with a large number, this will of course also accelerate the leveling up of our heroes in the current game.

With a higher level than the enemy hero level, the damage we inflict on the enemy will also be very great. In addition, with a higher level, the defense or defense of the hero’s body will of course also be much greater. We will easily knock out the opponent and the chance of winning will be very good.

Therefore, attack the enemy together with your teammates and get kills and assists.

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These are some simple and easy ways that you can use while playing in Mobile Legends so that you can increase your hero level quickly. Those are just a few tips you can follow, good luck.

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