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Sensitivity FF Hp Xiaomi Redmi 5A, 6A, Note 8 Etc

Setting the sensitivity of free fire or FF is quite decisive in winning the match. Because the right settings will make game control easier. Of course, this makes it easier to do headshots, aka shots in the head. The sensitivity number of each player can be different. Because, there are many things that affect it from weapons, gameplay and also the brand of HP used. This time we want to discuss the FF sensitivity settings of xiaomi cellphones such as the xiaomi redmi 5A, 6A, Note 7, Note 8 and several other series.

How to do a headshot in FF is often an interesting discussion for free fire players. The reason is that by aiming right at the head, the enemy will immediately fall or without a fight. In doing so, we must move the weapon quickly and precisely on the enemy’s head. Therefore the sensitivity setting is very influential. Each player must be able to react faster than the enemy in order to directly headshot.

Actually, without making settings, sensitivity is already available by default. But of course, this number does not have to be suitable for every player. Therefore, it is recommended to set it yourself to suit the gameplay and also the device used. The sensitivity of the FF itself includes 5 items, namely looking around, red dor sight, 2x scoope, 4x scope and AWM scope. If you have got the right settings it will be very easy to shoot the head, or as many call it auto headshot!

Sensitivity FF HP Xiaomi Auto Headshot

Before starting the match, it’s a good idea to set the sensitivity of the free fire first to suit your playing style and the smartphone you are using. Because every cellphone or cellphone has a different character. Previously, we also reviewed the sensitivity of the Oppo cellphone, this time it was the turn of the Xiaomi cellphone. You know, there are a lot of Xiaomi products circulating in Indonesia. Each series has some differences considering the specifications that are carried are also different. You can see more details below:

Xiaomi Redmi 5A

ff sensitivity hp xiaomi redmi 5a dpi 450-500
ff sensitivity hp xiaomi redmi 5a dpi 450-500

Xiaomi Redmi 6A

sensitivity xiaomi redmi 6a dpi
sensitivity xiaomi redmi 6a dpi

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8

redmi note 8 sensitivity
redmi note 8 sensitivity

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9

xiaomi redmi note 9
xiaomi redmi note 9

Setting DPI FF Auto Headshot

In addition to setting the sensitivity, it would be more perfect if you also set the DPI. To understand what DPI is, please refer to DPI FF Autoheadshot. For the DPI number that we recommend for this xiaomi cellphone, it is between 450 – 500. The way to set it is as follows:

  1. Go to phone settings
  2. Tap about phone
  3. Tap the MIUI 7 version until it says you are already a developer
  4. Next you can find the developer options menu. The trick is still in the settings menu then scroll down and tap additional settings.
  5. Tap the smallest width, then set the value between 450 – 500.
  6. Tap OK

That was the FF sensitivity of the xiaomi cellphone so that it could auto headshot. Is the method above safe? of course 100% safe and will not be banned by Garena. Good luck.

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