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Script to Get Selena EPIC Skin (Virus) Free Mobile Legends Proven

How to Get the Epic Selena Virus Skin for Free
Latest Free Selena Epic Virus Skin Script 2021

Download the script to get the EPIC Selena Virus Free Skin for the latest Mobile Legends 2021 – Hello friends, all Mobile Legends game lovers, on this occasion the administrator will share with you how to get the epic Selena virus skin for free. Well, when you hear the name for free, you really want it, don’t you? Naturally.

To get Selena’s Epic Skin for free we can use an ml script. So you no longer have to waste money to buy ml skin. If something is free, why not? Just download the epic script of Selena Virus and then transfer it to Mobile Legends game data.

Download Selena Epic Virus Skin Script for free

So far, the first step has been to download the Selena skin script HERE first.


Then the next step is to copy the skin script file you just downloaded:

Android >> DATA >> >> Files >> Dragon >> Assets >> Documents >> Android, = now the last one here, my friend pastes in the skin script that was downloaded earlier. Just overwrite.

note : If you choose to use this script, your ml account will be vulnerable to being banned. Hence, you should use a small account just in case. If you don’t have a small account, you can try creating one by deleting your Mobile Legends game data and then signing in with a new email that has never been linked to your old ML account.

Well, that’s the whole explanation about the free Selena virus skin script for you to try. Hopefully this will be useful to you and don’t forget to share it with all of your friends.

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