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Relive Paragon Netmarble Acquires Soul Eve, Ready to Work on OverPrime MOBA Project

Yesterday, it was just announced that a giant company Netmarble officially acquired Team Soul Eve. Soul Eve itself is a small indie developer team that is currently working on a project called OverPrime.

For those of you who don’t know, OverPrime itself is a project of Soul Eve which aims to revive the game project Paragon. Paragon is a 3D IP MOBA originally created by Epic Games for the PC platform, but unfortunately this project was considered a failure and was immediately dismissed.

Known since the project Paragon turn off, Epic Games provide all of the game’s remaining assets for use by the public free of charge. Team Soul Eve Those who were interested finally took the asset and started a new project called OverPrime.


Netmarble myself have confirmed that Team Soul Eve will join together Netmarble F&C. F&C is one of Netmarble’s Internal Studios that has previously worked on game projects The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross.

Netmarble also already said that the members of Team Soul Eve will continue to focus on game development OverPrime and don’t switch to another game project. Meanwhile, Netmarble’s own plan after successfully lifting OverPrime is to enter the PC esports market.

Until now, Netmarble has only announced the entry of Team Soul Eve to Netmarble and there is no definite news about when OverPrime will be released. It is very interesting to see the development of this game project after it was taken over by Netmarble.

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