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Rarely Noticed, What are the Most Important Attachments in Garena Free Fire?

Rarely Noticed, What are the Most Important Attachments in Garena Free Fire?

Every weapon in Free Fire already has its own basic or basic attributes. But don’t forget, each weapon also has a pair of attachments to use!

Now, the installation and improvement of this attachment is often forgotten by gamers. Yes, maybe because you are used to things that smell automatically.

Garena Free Fire

But in a minimalist condition, it turns out that there are several attachments that fall into the very important category and don’t let you not attach them to weapons, especially when you’ve entered the mid to late game.

What are the attachments that must be used because they are very important?


Garena Free Fire

Every weapon that can be attached to a Foregrip attachment, it is obligatory for you to install it! Why?

One of the challenges in the Free Fire game when shooting is the spread of bullets. In other games you may be familiar with the term recoil. More or less the same.

To stabilize the rain of fire, install Foregrip, if possible to the maximum level!


Garena Free Fire

If you use a shotgun, you might say scope doesn’t matter. It can’t be paired.

But in fighting in Free Fire, it is recommended that you hold at least one medium-range weapon that can be scoped.

By installing a scope, you can have a longer aiming distance. If the enemy is out of reach? Not that scope is useless!

You can use this attachment as binoculars! Are you thinking? Can monitor conditions remotely without the need to run in that direction.


Garena Free Fire

The last one is magazines. What’s the point? Yes, obviously to increase the capacity of the bullet in the weapon for use in war.

Without a magazine, your bullets will be limited to the minimum capacity of the weapon used.

By adding a magazine, you have more bullet capacity, and at the same time you can also be on guard against one-on-two conditions without the need to reload!

Muzzle and silencer actually does not mean unimportant. However, these two attachments are alternatives and their use is limited to making gunshots quiet, or increasing attack power.


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