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PUBG No Gyro Android 2021 Sensitivity

Are you looking for the best PUBG No Gyro Sensitivity settings for android? That’s right, has prepared a full review for you. By setting the right sensitivity, of course, you can increase accuracy and speed on the battlefield.

Battle royale games like PUBG Mobile are fun and fun to play. If you play with your own team or squad. Developing strategies and collaborating with each other provides its own fun. But the fun will be reduced or even lost if we do not feel comfortable while playing.

Not a few of us have difficulty in targeting the opponent accurately. This can actually be minimized by applying the right sensitivity. There are many things that must be considered in making settings, one of which is the use of a gyroscoope or manually using a finger.

What is PUBG Gyroscoop?

Gyroscoope is a sensor on a smartphone that measures and maintains orientation by maintaining angular momentum. This sensor is similar to Virtual Reality or commonly abbreviated as VR by moving the phone. So basically this gyroscoope can be said to be a sensor to detect user movements.

Not a few pro players use the gyroscoope to make it easier to aim. Players do not need to use tools or with 4 fingers just to hold recoil when aiming. With this gyroscoope, players can withstand recoil when adding in a row by moving the smartphone.

However, not a few also choose to play no gyro or no gyroscoope. The role of the gyro is replaced by a tool or by 4 fingers. Some people feel more comfortable because it is easy to control motion and recoil. So it’s just a matter of choice.

PUBG No Gyro Sensitivity For Android Phones

Are you the PUBG no gyro type of player? If so, you can try some of the following 2021 PUBG sensitivities. But first make sure the gyroscope feature is off. The trick is to enter the basic settings, and in the gyroscope option you can set it to disable / close. As for those who want to use a gyroscope, you can try the sensitivity of the pubg ryzen gyro

Potato HP Sensitivity

pubg sensitivity no gyro hp potato
pubg sensitivity no gyro hp potato

Please just an example of camera settings like the picture above. Our advice is to try it first in training mode and adjust it if it doesn’t fit.

potato ads sensitivity
potato ads sensitivity

Then for the ads section, please set it like the picture above. Of course you can also readjust to your game play.

Sensitivity BTR Luxxy No Gyro

For the second sensitivity, this belongs to the pro player luxxy who is part of the Bigetron Alpha team, aka BTR. On his YouTube channel, he also often plays without a gyroscope. You can also imitate it in the image below.

camera sensitivity

pubg ads sensitivity without gyroscope
pubg ads sensitivity without gyroscope
pubg no gyro sensitivity bry luxxy
pubg no gyro sensitivity bry luxxy

The final word

So that’s the sensitivity setting for the latest 2021 pubg no gyro for Android phones. Again, we recommend trying it in training mode. You can readjust because everyone has their own style of play. Adjust as comfortable as possible.

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