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Newest Potato Mobile PUBG Sensitivity 2021

PUBG Mobile Potato Sensitivity – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or more familiarly abbreviated as PUBG is a mobile battle royale type game that is very popular in the world, and Indonesia is no exception. Exciting and challenging games and good graphics are the main reasons. However, potato HP owners need to make some adjustments so that they can run smoothly or not lag. One of them is the sensitivity setting.

Some PUBG Mobile novice players do not make settings such as camera, ads or Gyroscope. Even though these settings are one of the keys to being able to control the game more easily. Especially for the owner of the potato cellphone, it is mandatory to set the menu menu. Because with standard settings or maybe even high, it will burden the phone’s performance. As a result, the phone quickly heats up and may lag in the middle of the game.

Newest Potato Mobile PUBG Sensitivity 2021
PUBG Mobile Potato Sensitivity 2021

The level of sensitivity of a person can be different. Because there are many things that affect it. Starting from the screen width, cellphone specifications, to the gameplay itself. Actually the most appropriate way is to do trial and error to determine the best setting. But if you are still new, please follow the sensitivity of PUBG pro player or what we share on this pdscustom site. Like the sensitivity of PUBG No Gyro that we gave some time ago.

What is a Potato Cellphone?

Actually, there is no standard definition of the meaning of a potato cell phone. This term arose from gamers and YouTubers to refer to smartphones with below average specs. Perhaps this term appears on the subjectivity of a person and then shared together so that it becomes a general agreement.

So it can be concluded, potato cellphone is a term for entry-level class cellphones that have low hardware. For example, cellphones with 2GB of RAM and below, 8GB of internal memory and below, etc. The average cellphone of this type is priced between Rp. 1 million to Rp. 2 million.

With low specs, it makes it difficult to run heavy applications or games smoothly. For example PUBG, Asphalt 9, CS Go etc. Fortunately in PUBG there are several options that can be adjusted to be able to run by HP potatoes.

PUBG Mobile Potato Sensitivity 2021

For owners of low end cellphones or so-called potato cellphones, there is no need to worry. In order to avoid lag or overheating, please use the sensitivity below

Camera sensitivity

  • 3rd person camera 70%
  • 140% FPP Camera
  • Camera 90%


  • No 3rd person scope 142%
  • Red laser, holographic, sight 80%
  • Binoculars 3x 30%
  • Binoculars viewfinder 6x 10%
  • No scope 1st person 98%
  • Binoculars 2x 64%
  • Binoculars ACOG 4x, VSS 20%
  • Binoculars 8x 7%

Ads Sensitivity

  • No 3rd person scope 125%
  • Red laser, holographic, 100% sight
  • Binoculars 3x 50%
  • Binoculars viewfinder 6x 33%
  • No scope 1st person 104%
  • Binoculars 2x 68%
  • Binoculars ACOG 4x, VSS 30%
  • Binoculars 8x 5%


  • No 3rd person scope 60%
  • Red laser, holographic, 195% sight
  • Binoculars 3x 150%
  • Binoculars viewfinder 6x 18%
  • There is no scope for 1st person 213%
  • Binoculars 2x 275%
  • Binoculars ACOG 4x, VSS 120%
  • Binoculars 8x 10%

That was the pubg hp potato sensitivity setting. You can use it for cellphones in the entry level class from Vivo, Realme, Redmi, etc. If it doesn’t fit, make some minor adjustments.

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