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New update COC TH 11 Grand Warden Hero new release

Latest update COC TH 11 Grand Warden Hero – After such a long wait – finally update information TH 11 the latest release presents a new hero named Green Guardian on the attack

Latest update COC TH 11 Grand Warden Hero New release cover

This New Hero TH 11 COC Grand Warden looks like a magician who carries a stick so that he can attack from a distance along with his spell book and has the ability to be immune to attacks from the enemy defenses and the blood of the troops around them Raise heroes.
New hero COC Grand Warden This hero can fly, so will not be an obstacle for a wall or an enemy defensive wall and attacks the core of the enemy base directly, although he can fly his ability on land can attack from a distance.

And to get this Grand Warden Hero, you have to go with it first. upgrade to Rathaus 11 elixir So much 6,000,000, WOW not a little, yes, although other heroes (Barbarian King and Archer Queen) use Dark Elixir to make it through.

If you want to get this hero you definitely need lots of gems to upgrade TH and MUST have a lot of elixir to make it through – read article Popular This is how you can get lots of free COC gemstones risk-free

This Grand Warden Hero can be upgraded to level 20. The special abilities Aura of Life (add troop blood) and Eterna Tome (Immunity to Attack) can be used after reaching level 5, as only the ability can be activated at this level.

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After seeing about the Grand Warden Hero on Youtube, here are the details of this new COC hero’s ability:

Details on the skills of the Grand Warden hero

Great Guardian on Attack:

  • Damage per second: 110

  • Hit Points: 2000

  • Recovery time: 68 minutes

  • Skill level: 4
  • Favorite destination: Any
  • Type of damage: single target
  • Goals: soil & air
  • Movement speed: 16

Wow great, Grand Warden Hero, after seeing the details above, is Skill Level 4 and enable Skill Level 1 if Grand Warden Hero Level 5, Skill Level 2 if Grand Warden Level 10, Skill Level 3 if Grand Warden Level 15, Skill Level 4 at Grand Warden level 20.
This is the latest update for Clash Of Clans TH 11 Grand Warden Hero
Happy COC Ria

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