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New Skin KOF X MLBB Part 3

King of Fighter (KOF) has collaborated some time ago. So that Mobile Legends can use skins from the King of Fighter characters.

At the beginning of its appearance, the heroes who got this KOF skin were Karina (Leona), Chou (Lori Yagami), and Guinevere (Athena Asamiya). Then after that, the KOF part 2 skin appeared again with the heroes Gusion (K’), Dyrroth (Orochi Kris) and Aurora (Kula Diamond).

It is possible that Mobile legends will re-issue the King of Fighter skin as a skin for several heroes. Then who might get the KOF skin part 3?

Curious? let’s look at the explanation of the hero candidates who might get the KOF skin.

1. Franco (Chang Koehan)

The first possibility of a hero getting a KOF skin is Franco. Many say Franco has many similarities with one of the KOF characters, namely Chan Koehan.

The thing that makes Franco similar and likely to get Chang Koehan’s skin is that these two characters are both big, both use chains and both have crowd control abilities on their Ultimate skills.

2. Eudora (Shermie)

Indeed, for Eudora, it was predicted that he would get a KOF skin (Shermie). The thing that makes them similar to Shermie is that their appearance is almost similar, besides that these two characters both have an element in the form of lightning.

3. Badang (Ralph Jones)

Badang is also predicted to get one of the KOF skins, namely Ralph Jones. These two characters have a lot in common, including the appearance that is almost similar and is suitable for the body.

In addition, Ralph has the skill of a thousand hand strokes like his ultimate body. These two characters also rely on punches as their basic attacks.

4. Hayabusa (Kisaragi)

As for Hayabusa, it is possible to get the KOF Kisaragi skin because of these two characters they both look like ninja from basic attacks and their skills have a lot in common.

5. Sun (Billy Kane)

For Sun, it is predicted that he will get a Billy Kane Skin because they both use a stick as their main weapon. Billy Kane in my opinion is also suitable if used as a KOF Skin for Sun. but the drawback is that Billy Kane doesn’t have a shadow skill like Sun’s second skill.

6. Vale (Orochi)

Many of you also say that Vale is similar to Orochi because of their almost similar appearance and both don’t wear clothes, they also fly together. of the skills they have also have a lot in common.

7. Hanabi (Mai Shiranui)

many predict that they will get a Skin from Mai Shiranui because Hanabi has a lot in common with Mai Shiranui. Hanabi and Mai are both from the Kunoici, the appearance is also almost the same, it is estimated that if Hanabi gets this Mai skin, Hanabi will use the fan as her basic attack instead of Suriken anymore.

So, those are the seven heroes who are predicted to get the MLBB X KOF skin part 3. The explanation was just a prediction, there has been no official clarification from Moonton for these skins. we are waiting for further news.

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