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New Meta Heroes MPL 8 Mobile Legends 2021

In this article, GMLBB will discuss picks and tires from MPL Indonesia Season 5, which will help you know better which heroes to prioritize, especially when you rank. Our article this time is based on data and statistics from the official youtube channel that has been broadcasting MPL live streaming.

We will see here which heroes or who are often picked up, who is often banned and who is the main priority for the first pick, and of course who is the scariest hero in this season.
Let’s get straight to our core discussion. First, we discuss the Assassin MPL Season 5 hero.

As for assassins, it turns out that Selena and Ling are generally always picked up. Even though some say that Ling is no longer overpowered, in fact until now he is still getting picked up or banned in almost every game, including in MPL.
Selena is also a worthy choice, high Brust damage and its stund effect are not foreign to us. In general, if these two heroes are picked, there will always be excitement in the early game. Because both are reliable ganker heroes.

There are also a few other Assassins that are used occasionally or twice but in general Ling and Selena are the ones that are needed the most. You could say if anyone plays Natalia now it’s a unique thing. Especially with his current stats, he’s not very good or contributes well unless he’s in the late game.
MPL Tanks Season 5.

As for tanks, it turns out that this season MPL is dominated by these three tanks, namely Khufra, Grock and Baxia. Sometimes this Khufra becomes the most domineering by almost getting banned in every match and is always picked if he doesn’t get banned.

In addition to these three tanks, we can also see several other tanks that are alternative choices for pro players in MPL season 5. Akai and Uranus also turned out to be a viable choice for them. Sometimes these tanks are also generally picked if Khufra or Grock is not there, or picked to become additional Tanks.
Mage MPL Season 5

As for mages, it turns out that Pharsa is still the main priority to be picked, then Harith, Lunox and Esmeralda are also mages who are often picked. Cecilion is a mage who is often banned in this Tournament so we will rarely see him in action in this Tournament.

The mage is a mage who is also picked based on proper strategy and synergy. One of the unique mages that are chosen and rarely used by players is the Cyclops used by RRQ Lemon, using Cyclops positioning and ganking to be crucial if you want to destroy the enemy. And when Lemon uses Cyclops and dominates his enemies it becomes a very fun and interesting spectacle.

MPL Fighter Season 5

Meanwhile, for Fighter, there is nothing unique, because what is used is still the same and just playing around between heroes. Sometimes Chou and Thamuz are picked more often than other fighters. Thamuz is a top priority because of its durability and very high DPS. While this Chou of course can be used as anything, so he is also a priority.

You will also see that in this tournament, Jawhead will be used as support, and Terizla and X.Borg are also among the fighters who are often picked.
Marksman MPL Season 5

As for the Marksman type heroes with high Hit power like Karrie and Grangger, they are the main stars in this role. The resulting damage is also really on a different level from other marksman. Wan-wan is also a fairly frequent choice to apply different strategies, and it turns out that Bruno is the least picky when compared to the 3 marksman.

Kimmy is also often banned in this MPL tournament, but is also often picked when the opportunity arises. And Claude is generally an option when Karrie or Wan-wan gets banned or has been taken by the enemy first.
Support MPL Season 5

As for the support heroes, Carmilla and Kaja are generally the choices in this tournament. Because most of them prefer mage tanks as support. But this Kaja is picked more often than Carmilla, we know that Kaja’s Ultimate is indeed very useful in almost all situations.

But also on other occasions you will also find Diggie and Nana, and the most surprising pick is of course Nana. This hero was used by Bigertron in two games and both won.

Most Banned MPL Season 5

Next we discuss about the heroes who are most often affected by the ban.

It turned out that Khufra and Grock were the tanks that were most frequently hit by tires. And of course, no player wants to let these two monsters roam the Land of Down.

And Kaja was the only Support that was hit by a ban.

As for Marksman, Kimmy, Wanwan and Bruno are also the most frequently affected by the ban.

As for Mage, there are Lunox, Harith, Pharsa and Esmeralda who are often banned

Jawhead and Chou are fighters who got banned in this tournament.

And Selena and Ling are the Assassins who get banned the most. Or the one that is most often picked if it is not hit by a tire.

And the most surprising tire was for Valir, he became the mage with the highest number of tires in this tournament.

And these heroes are also another option to be banned, especially in the 3rd tire phase. It looks surprising that Natalia and Uranus are on this tire list, but in fact, they are like that.
MPL Season 5 Priorities

As for Priority heroes during the tire and pick phases, this priority goes to these heroes. Because these heroes are the ones who can change the game the most, heroes like Khufra and Grock can be very deadly if played in the right hands. So they’re top priority to play with if they don’t get hit by a tire.

Well, for the second phase of the pick hero ban after the third tire, they are the heroes who are prioritized. And they are the most important heroes here, Mages like Harith and Lunox are very good as well as for Chou and Thamuz especially for Kaja. These heroes are definitely a priority.

So that’s it for the discussion of the NEW META MPL SEASON 5 MOBILE LEGENDS 2021. Please leave your comments in the comments column below!

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