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New Meta, Here are the 10 Best Solo Rank Heroes Season 22

New Meta, Here are the 10 Best Solo Rank Heroes Season 16 | GEAR MLBB

This tip for Natalia, you have to play pretty sneaky if possible. There are many farmin in the early game so that later in the late game you can make it easier to execute soft heroes even more sadistically. And if your team dies a lot in the early game, then you can play split push and farming as much as you can.
Next is still from the assassin role, Lancelot is also one of the ones affected by the revamp. If you like playing assassins, then Lancelot is one of the assassins that you must master.

Now every time you use skill 1, the damage it produces will increase by 10% and this can be stacked up to 3 times. So you can imagine how much damage can be generated when it is 3 times on the stack. Every time you approach the target or hit the enemy, skill 1 will be reset. If you can master this hero, it is certain that soft heroes will not be able to escape.
Still from Role assassin again, in 3rd place is Selena. Selena is one of the favorite heroes that is often picked in the meta now. Because it has many advantages in the early game when compared to other heroes, especially mage or assassin heroes. Because he can take buffs easily even though the game is still very early. This certainly makes it easier for those of you who like to play aggressively and riot at enemy buffs.

Also what is certain is that the damage in the early game is already painful, even without items. And what is certain is that with Selena’s trap she can hack maps, for teammates with extensive map surveillance. So for those of you who like to play gang and mukil then this hero is really suitable for you to master.
Next is still from the Assassin role, he is Ling which we can actually classify as OP heroes. This ling is very overpowered, especially when used when playing solo. Because when we play solo we usually don’t really coordinate with the team.

You only need Farming at the beginning of the game, then after that you can start hunting heroes with low HP. One of the important things when using Ling, you have to make sure you get the blue buff, otherwise you will quickly lose energy. If your team dies a lot, you can also do a split push, more or less the game strategy is the same as Natalia earlier.
The next is still from the assassin role again, this Gussion was just hit by a nerf some time ago, but it doesn’t seem to have much effect and you will see that there isn’t too much change. If you can master it then you can kill almost all heroes with one combo, including fighters and tanks.

Actually tanks have to be a little afraid of this one hero, because he has passive skills that can be used as tank killers. That is, the passive skill of the next basic attack will produce additional damage based on the enemy’s exp. But don’t focus too much on the tank, because playing Gussion, the main task is to kill the opponent’s carry heroes with one attack. So you have to be a little patient and don’t be the first to enter the fight team.
Well, in the next sequence, it’s not from the assassin role but from the fighter role, he is Chou. This Chou can produce a sick attack just like an assassin but he is also not easy to kill. So usually the opposing team rarely ganks this hero, because they don’t want to waste time because this Chou can escape easily even though he is ganged by many people.
Next in line is Nana. Despite her cute appearance, Nana can be played as a very useful mage if played correctly and can be a very scary specter for the opposing team. Nana is also not an easy hero to kill thanks to her passive skills. You can play it as the main mage or also as support. Both are also good and reliable as well as powerful.
From the role of fighter, if your team needs an offlaner, then X.Borg is the best choice. And this hero is now almost never banned in ranked mode. He can last quite a while and what is certain is that his skills have additional true damage. So X.Brog can produce a very large amount of damage even to the hero tank though, also you can burn the enemy first before you activate the ultimate.
From Role marksman, next in line is Karrie. As we know marksman is currently Meta because of the red buff. Usually this Karrie is always available or free of tires when compared to Wanwan or Bruno. This Marksman is famous as a tank killer, so you don’t hesitate to attack tanks even when they are in a team fight.
And finally, from role marksman, there is Granger. So this Granger is another marksman who is also shining in the meta right now. When playing Granger it will be very important to pay attention to the last bullet or the last bullet. Because the next damage will give additional damage that produces even more critical pain. So if you are full of items then you can just kill the opponent’s marksman or mage with just one shot.
So, those were the 10 heroes that you can use for solo ranked in this meta season 16. So from now on you can start mastering the heroes we mentioned earlier.



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