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MMORPG Lineage W Will Release Worldwide

This game replaces the legitimacy of Lineage PC MMORPG Strategically developed with a ‘Worldwide’ concept CCO Taek-Jin Kim NCSOFT said, “Lineage W is a project that pursues the main Lineage”

Lineage W

Supports quarter view based on full 3D graphics, one shape for global market, and cross-platform play on PC and console

Pre-registration available globally on official website, Google Play and App Store, offering in-game items as gifts Pangyo, South Korea (Antara/Business Wire)- NCSOFT (KRX:036570), a major global game developer and publisher, launches mobile MMORPG the company’s new ‘Lineage W’ through a global online exhibition entitled ‘The World’.

The CCO of NCSOFT, Taek-Jin Kim, said, “Lineage W is a project pursuing the ultimate Lineage.” Lineage W is a new title that replaces the legitimacy of Lineage MMORPG PC. Lineage W was strategically developed for global players with a ‘Worldwide’ concept. NCSOFT will release new titles worldwide in 2021.

Chief Creative Staff Taek-Jin Kim introduced the game as a “highest Lineage pursuit project”. Kim highlighted that “Lineage W is a compilation of Lineage’s IPs for the last 24 years. The game emphasizes Lineage’s core values: battle, promise, sacrifice, and honor. Lineage W will expand the key elements of Lineage’s ‘battle community’ globally.”

A quarter view based on full 3D graphics, a battle and promise system that replaces Lineage’s original IP, and an immersive storyline Lineage W Group’s Head, Sung-Gu Lee, and Lineage W’s Head of Development, Hong-Young Choi, reveal Lineage’s key features and service plans W.

This game features a dark fantasy world presented with full 3D graphics and quarter view; various visual aspects that turn imagination into reality; a battle system that replaces Lineage’s IP originality with improved attack feedback; immersive storylines and diverse narratives; Improved content for appointments and alliances.

One form for the global market, real-time AI translation, cross-platform play on PC and consoles Lineage W introduces one form for the global market to create a ‘global battle community’. Players from various countries can work together and compete in one battlefield (server). Also supports ‘AI translation’ which enables real-time communication between players speaking different languages, the ‘Voice-to-text’ function converts speech to text.

Lineage W also supports cross-platform play. Players can enjoy gaming on PC through NCSOFT’s ‘PURPLE’ cross-play service. Cross-play on consoles, including the PlayStation5 and Nintendo Switch, is also underway.

Pre-registration is now open globally on the official website, Google Play, and App Store, offering rewards for pre-registration NCSOFT starting global pre-registration at 10 a.m., August 19 (KST). Players can pre-register on the official website, Google Play, and the App Store. In-game items are offered to all participants after the game launches.

Players can subscribe to the ‘Lineage W Newsletter’ on the official website for the latest update of Lineage W, starting in mid-October.

The Lineage W global online showcase is available on the official website. Further information and clips, including the different classes and their stories, are also available.

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