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MIR4 MMORPG Play Guide for Beginners: From Server Selection to Battlefield

MIR4 It’s been released globally, here! Surely you gamers can’t wait to feel the thrill of adventuring and completing missions in this game, right? Also make sure you are open with information that comes about this game because there are many things you need to know so that your character can become stronger. Wemade Co., Ltd as a developer, we have prepared unique systems in the game that you can explore.


On August 26, 2021 yesterday, MIR4 release globally after the pre-registration period which lasted since 29 July has been completed. Like most RPG games, MIR4 provides four classes for you to choose before entering the game. The class you choose will become a permanent part of your character. You must have been really curious, right, what can you learn at MIR4? Let’s find out, let’s go!

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Process before entering the game

Before you join other players, you will choose a server that has been provided. There will be a full server and put you in line. So that you can quickly join the game, pay attention to the red numbers, look for the server with the smallest number among other servers because that number is your order which will be smaller in number, if you are already at number one then you only need to wait a fraction seconds to be able to directly enter the game.

MIR4 Guide for Beginners: From Server Selection to Battlefield

Class selection suggestions for beginners

Already joined, it’s time to choose what class will be your mainstay in the game. You will be given a choice of classes consisting of Warrior, Sorcerer, Taoist, and Lancer. Each class has its own uniqueness, disadvantages, and advantages. Choose a class that suits your playing style. If you are very, very new to playing MMORPGs, we recommend choosing Warrior because it has quite high defense and damage.

MIR4 Guide for Beginners: From Server Selection to Battlefield

Character customization

The most exciting part for those of you who like to dress up a character, that’s right, customization! After you are sure of the class choices that have been mentioned, you will be immediately moved to the customization menu. You can “plastic surgery” your handsome and beautiful character, you can even change the color of your character’s clothes, you know. But this section is only for beauty, it will not affect your character’s stats. When you’re done, zoom out and see how awesome your work is.

Delete and create a new character

What? Are you bored and don’t like the character you have now? Relax, you can delete your character and create a new one. If you are determined to delete your character, you can go to the character selection section and delete it. After that you will be given 72 hours or three days if you change your mind and want to use the character again.

Actually, for each existing account, MIR4 has provided five character slots that do not synchronize with each other, so you can experience the style of play of the class that you have never tried before.

Complete the mission

Your dressed up character is ready to enter the game, while waiting for loading, you will be treated to an intro that has beautiful graphics. These beautiful graphics will continue to last until you can finally control your character and carry out missions which of course are very important if you want to quickly level up and get high-level gear.

Main mission

You can do this mission by clicking the blue area on the right. Once you have completed this mission, you can no longer continue it. This mission can be your focus to level up your character quickly because the amount of EXP given from this mission is the most among other missions.

MIR4 Guide for Beginners: From Server Selection to Battlefield

Side mission

This mission is an additional mission from the main mission which will give you EXP and various items depending on the level of difficulty. Go to the missions tab and you will find missions consisting of Field, Elite, Labyrinth, and Feelings. Depending on the mission, you can do the mission up to three times at most.

Request mission

This one mission is quite rare because it has certain conditions to activate it. If these conditions have been met in the main mission, you only need to follow the clues that will direct you to the request mission.

Giyeon’s Mission

This unique mission is very fun for you to follow because there will be interesting events hidden from the main story. Go to the Giyeon tab in the menu to see your progress on this mission. Of course there will be additional rewards after you complete 100% of the progress of the Giyeon mission.

Character information

So that you are closer to your character, you can diligently look at their status in the character information section at the top left of the screen. There you can see what your propensity score is, the lower the score, the bigger the penalty when hunting EXP or when your character dies.

Proensity score

Propensity is enforced to keep players comfortable with each other, the top propensity score is at least 5000 points which can make your character get 100% EXP. If your score is at -10000 points or the lowest propensity, you can only get 30% of the total EXP. You can increase these points by defeating monsters whose level is not far from your character’s level, a maximum of five different levels, if more, you will not get additional points for the propensity score.

As long as you are not ignorant by killing other characters besides monsters. Your propensity score will not go down, so watch your behavior in this game, OK!


The combat system in MIR4 which is difficult to learn is of course also difficult to master. Each class has a different basic attack and skill type. The attack icon in the lower right corner is used to attack enemies near your character, if you touch a skill near the icon, the skill will be used by the character and a cooldown time appears in it.

MIR4 Guide for Beginners: From Server Selection to Battlefield

Skill application

Of course, this one thing is an important part of the MMORPG game. With skills, you can create different combos and of course have great damage when put together. Each skill has a different after-effect and you can use it to defeat the enemy quickly. When you reach a certain point, the enemy will get a debuff and you can immediately use the skill to deal big damage because of the increased damage effect you get after the enemy debuffs.

Another effect of your character’s skill is knock down, your enemy will fall and you can use this opportunity to attack or run from the arena. There are also skills that can reduce the movement speed of the enemy, you can use the time you have to think about what steps you will take against your enemy.

So that the atmosphere of the game you get is even more exciting, you can download LDPlayer on your PC or laptop, there you can set it in macro settings and customize the keybind or keyboard button settings by adjusting your playing style.

MIR4 Guide for Beginners: From Server Selection to Battlefield

Target setting

When fighting, you can choose which target you will attack first by clicking on the icon to find a list of targets that you are facing. If you have chosen your target target, you will automatically attack it. You can close the target tab by clicking the X.

Another way that you can use is the tap method, once you have mastered it, dealing with enemies becomes a small problem that you will not be afraid of at all.

Auto battle

This system has received a lot of criticism from MMORPG game lovers, even so, this system can help you when you close the game or AFK to grind and get EXP, loot, or other important items. During the early-game, auto battle is indeed useful but try not to rely too much on this system, OK? If you depend too much, the resources you get will be small. The more you try to advance in this game, the more advanced the auto battle against enemies.

When you are going to activate the auto battle, make sure the skills listed are the skills you rely on the most in the quick slot for skills.


Any MMORPG will require you to know more about each character and the existing game system. As a beginner, studying diligently and patiently is the key to making your character stronger. By combining PvE and PvP systems, you need to think in advance which class you will choose. Understand your playing style with the available classes, if it doesn’t match, you can have trouble while in the fight.

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Listen, there will be a new class called Archer, you know! Wow, that’s getting more and more exciting, doesn’t it sound? So, don’t miss out on playing this game and feel the excitement of fighting with your favorite characters, OK! Good luck and happy playing!

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