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Mandatory Materials to Prepare for Xiao - Mouse NgeBLOG

Compulsory Materials for Xiao.  need to be prepared
Compulsory Materials for Xiao. need to be prepared

For those of you chasing Xiao in the next banner, here is a list of items you should be farming from now on.

Xiao upgrade items

According to information from Reddit, the items needed to improve Xiao’s talent require the Prosperity Talent Book, an item that can be obtained from Slime Monsters, Crowns of Insight, and Shadow of the Warrior. A mixture of Vayuda Turquoise, Juvenile Jade, Qingxin Flower and items from Slime is required to unlock Xiao’s Level Cap.

Upgrade materials for Xiao | Source u / Deviltakoyaki plus MiHoYo

Putting together everything you need may seem like a chore, but there is more than one place here to search for the items above.

Qingxin location

Qingxin is one of the flowers that grow in the Liyue region. This flower only grows uniquely at high altitudes, so it is in the mountains, on cliffs and windy. For details, you can visit the Qingxin Location article.

It is estimated that it would take a total of 168 Qingxin to unlock all of Xiao’s level caps.

Farm slime

Xiao needs phlegm condensate, phlegm secretion and phlegm concentrate to improve his character. This item is also a necessity in order to level up his talent level and increase his level cap.

The following three items are found by defeating Slimes. Slime condensate is dropped by dead slimes, slime secretions are thrown off by slimes from level 40, slime concentrate is thrown off by slimes from level 60.

A good place to immediately check for any type of slime is at the base of the cliff overlooking the Guyun Stone Forest in Liyue. When you go down to the watery place, a small group of slimes await you waiting for you.

You can also get Slime as one of the enemies in daily quests or in Leyline Outcroppings missions. Both had a high chance of spawning slime. To climb Xiao, you need a total of 18 mucus condensates, 30 mucus secretions and 36 mucus concentrates.

Farm Talent Book “Prosperity”

You will need many books from the Prosperity series of talent books to maximize Xiao’s talent. This series consists of the Teachings of “Prosperity”, the Guide to “Prosperity”, and the Philosophies of “Prosperity”. You can get all three from Taishan Mansion Domain in Jueyun Karst. To unlock the following domains, you must first reach Adventure Rank 26 and can be visited on Monday, Thursday or Sunday.

Farm Vayuda turquoise

Like all Anemo characters, Xiao requires an item called Vayuda Turquoise for Ascend. Vayuda Turquoise and all of its variants can be obtained by defeating the Anemo Hypostasis boss found in Moon City. Sometimes you can get Vayuda Turquoise from Wolf of the North and buy it in small quantities from the souvenir shops in Liyue and Mondstadt.

For Vayuda Turquoise, Xiao needs a splinter, nine fragments, nine chunks and six gems. If there is an advantage, all of the Vayuda Turquoises can be advanced to the next level via the Alchemy Station.

Juvenile Jade Farm

In update 1.3, Genshin Impact has a new boss named Primo Geovishaps. The presence of this new boss has a new material called Juvenile Jade, which is an Ascend material for Xiao. It is possible that Juvenile Jade will also be used in Ascend materials for other characters in the future era.

For Xiao himself, it took 46 Juvenile Jade to rise to level 90.

Farm shadow of the warrior

In general, in order to level up to talent level 7 and above, you will be asked to look for items that can be obtained from the weekly boss. Xiao himself needs an item called Shadow of the Warrior to raise his talent to level 7-10, which you can get randomly after defeating Childe in the Domain Gold House.

Please note that Shadow of the Warrior happens to be available in Room Memories: Golden Shadow II and above.

Farm Crown of the Magi

To increase Xiao’s talent from level 9 to 10, you will need an item called the Philosopher’s Crown. Unfortunately, this one item is very limited and rare that you can only get at certain events. Therefore, for example, an event is taking place and it is really advisable to take an item from the Philosopher’s Crown with you as a gift.

This is the mandatory material for Xiao. needs to be prepared

Look forward to more Genshin Impact tips and instructions only on the Mouse Blog.

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