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Livery Real Flight Simulator Android Indonesia

Replacing the Real Flight Simulator livery or commonly abbreviated as RFS is indeed one of the interesting things. The reason is that we can modify the appearance of the aircraft that we fly with the design at will. You can change the color, text, and also the airplane logo just by importing a PNG file. For example, you can make something like Garuda Indonesia, Sriwijaya Air, Citilink etc. Don’t worry, we have provided a free livery that you can download and install.

It is undeniable that battle royale and Moba games have dominated Android games in the last three years. However, there are some games that are starting to surface. One of them is RFS Real Flight Simulator. The game made by Rortos has seen an increase in the number of downloads on the play store in the last few months, especially after the Sriwijaya Air incident some time ago. Apparently many are curious, like how to fly a plane.

download livery real flight simulator PNG android
download livery real flight simulator PNG android

Not only learning with the buttons on the plane and how to fly it, players can also install aircraft livery. Livery itself literally means uniform or it can also mean the characteristics of a product both in terms of logos, motifs and colors. Now in this RFS game you can install a livery so that the plane looks like the original. Some of the favorite RFS liveries include Garuda Indonesia, Sriwijaya Air, Citilink, Airbus A320, etc.

Real Flight Simulator, What Game Is It?

RFS is an airplane simulator game that is being loved lately. Like simulator games in general, the appearance in the game is made like a real plane. You will be faced with the airplane button that works really, not just a mere sweetener.

You can even create your own flight route. For example, you want to fly from Jakarta to Bali, Jeddah – Halim Perdana Kusuma and so on. In flight, you can simulate under normal conditions to dangerous conditions such as engine failure or turbulence.

Garuda Indonesia livery real flight simulator
Garuda Indonesia livery real flight simulator

If you are new to playing airplane simulator games, you may be confused about how to fly a plane, how to land and the many buttons. For that, please first read the previous article: How to Play Real Flight Simulator

Download Livery Real Flight Simulator PNG

On this occasion, pdscustom will provide a collection of free rfs livery that we get from various sources. From the policy of the maker, we can use it for free. All livery we make in one zip file, so you need an application like Zarchiver to open it first. Then you just choose one of them, or you can try one by one. So here’s the link and the list of contents.


list of contents

  • Garuda Indonesia
  • Sriwijaya Air
  • Airbus A320
  • Citilink
  • Wings Air
  • sea ​​lion

How To Install Livery On Android

The installation itself is very easy, because you just need to input the PNG image file. But here you have to adjust the livery made to the type of aircraft. For example, the A320 livery, then you have to use the A320 type aircraft. If using another aircraft, a Uniform Error notification will appear indicating that the aircraft type does not match. The steps are as follows

RFS Citilink livery
RFS Citilink livery
  1. Open RFS game
  2. Choose the appropriate aircraft type (in the livery package above, the aircraft type has been listed)
  3. If you have, tap create uniform
  4. Select Import and tap album
  5. Now find the PNG file
  6. If you have then the appearance of the plane will change instantly

That was the free real flight simulator livery to install on Android. While we only got 5 livery, yes. Wait for the next update for other types of livery.

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