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Lineage W, New MMORPG from NCSoft Coming to PC and Mobile

Recently NCSoft have announced their new MMORPG game entitled Lineage W, this game will be released with cross-platform features, which means it can be played on mobile and PC platforms. Official teaser website Lineage W also opened, NCSoft also plans to provide more detailed information about Lineage W on August 19, 2021. They also plan to release the game across platforms globally, but the release date is still unknown, possibly at the end of this year.

Lineage W

NCSoft seems to want to revive the Lineage game series on Lineage W. The teaser website and published videos still don’t show the in-game gameplay of Lineage W, but they do show cinematic animations that players can see on the teaser website. Lineage W will still have the same genre as the previous series Lineage first and Lineage II, which are MMORPG genre games.

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As informed above, NCSoft will provide more detailed information regarding this game on August 19, 2021, possibly they will provide information about the release date and in-game gameplay of Lineage W. Lineage W is currently still being developed for PC and smartphone platforms.

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