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LINE Seal Online Mobile Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode is a dungeon where players are asked to choose 3 heroes and 1 pet to defeat the monsters in the dungeon. Currently there are 7 maps with normal and hard mode. To complete each stage, of course the hero needed must be stronger because the monsters in each stage will be stronger than the previous stage.

In each map, there are 10 stages with each boss on each stage and the final boss on stage 10. Of course the final boss is much stronger than the previous level bosses so if you are not sure you can beat the final boss, it’s better to strengthen it first your heroes and pets in order to defeat them easily.

In this adventure mode, players can collect items and heroes to strengthen existing teams so that they can be better prepared to face the next stages and maps. In addition, in each stage there are 3 challenges where each challenge represents 1 star. These stars can be exchanged for prizes when they reach 10 stars. In 1 map, there are a total of 30 stars.

Curious about how Seal Mobile plays in this Adventure mode? We’ll see together.


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