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Let's Be Jago By One, Master One On One Tricks in Free Fire!

Let's Be Jago By One, Master One On One Tricks in Free Fire!

Sometimes to test the ability, the condition of one on one alias by one must be faced and won. Now to win in a by one condition, there are Free Fire tricks that we can learn and master.

Basically, to win in a by one condition, we have to prepare a lot of things, but there are some important things that become priorities.

In addition to preparation, we also have to master certain techniques that support victory, namely aiming at the head to get a headshot. So, here’s a trick to win by one on Free Fire.

Maximum Level Armor and Helmet

The first thing that must be considered in preparation for the by-one condition is the use of armor and helmets.

Try to get the best armor and helmets as an initial readiness to face by one conditions.

If you only use level 1 or level 2 armor and helmets, it’s better to play safer and hide first so you can’t be targeted by your opponent.

Gloo Wall

The next thing is the ownership and use of the gloo wall. The by-one condition is clearly a shootout with an opponent until someone dies.

That doesn’t mean the gloo wall can’t be used right? Make sure we already have a gloo wall to use at any time as protection or a strategy when by one.

Behind the gloo wall, we can also use medical first to get recovery if the distance from the opponent allows.

Aim Headshot

Next is purely from our respective skills, especially the aim skill. Always target towards the enemy’s head.

When fighting with an opponent in an open area, take a crouching position, then aim at the opponent with the scope you have.

After being sure of your aim at the enemy’s body, it’s time for the execution to begin! You have to get up as soon as possible while shooting.

Weapon Switching instead of Reloading

The last is purely our ability to change weapons from primary to secondary or even pistols.

In the by one condition, most likely what happened was an endless barrage of bullets. If the bullets in the main weapon have run out, it’s better to change to a secondary which is still full of bullets to continue attacking.

The pause when reloading makes us lose momentum when by one which can actually result in losing to the opponent.

That’s the Free Fire trick to win by one condition. By doing and mastering the things above, our chances of winning in one-on-one battles are greater.

Do you have any other tricks? Say it in the comments column below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends, especially those who play Free Fire!


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