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Leavers? Follow This Way To Win 4v5 in Search and Destroy Call Of Duty Mobile!

Leavers?  Follow This Way To Win 4v5 in Search and Destroy COD Mobile!

You must have played with only 4 people because there was 1 person who left the game (leaver) in Call Of Dudy Mobile, no? Well, of course you are upset and feel that your struggle will be in vain because of the lack of members.

Even though it’s not easy, you can actually win the game 4v5 that if you know how. Most importantly, you realize and accept the fact that you are at a disadvantage.

One mistake that leads to defeat is a situation that you can get when playing 4v5. But, we have to be sure that #STOP and follow the tips from GamerBingit can definitely win. This is the way to win 4v5 in Search and Destroy Call of Duty Mobile!

1 Keep Calm and Take Early Kill

Early Kill, or kill at the beginning the game is the key to win the game in 4v5. Why? Because this will make the match balanced with the conditions 4v4. To be sure, your calm and mentality are tested in this phase.

Don’t play too forward and immediately rush towards the enemy because that is the same as giving points to the enemy. Keep calm, see the opportunity and take it early kill then you will greatly benefit from this opportunity.

2 Play Defensively and Patiently

Defensiveness is the key word. You can’t rush and expect like John Wick to get an Ace (get 5 kills alone). The enemy will not be afraid to know that you are at a disadvantage.

For that, provoke the aggressiveness of the enemy so that they make mistakes that you can use to clutch. This is where your ability to play under pressure will be tested.

3 Always Split Into 2 Teams, Core and Flanker!

What are Core and Flanker? This is the standard formation in Search and Destroy mode. The core team is your powerhouse where 3 people (in a 4v5 condition) are located while the flanker is in charge of turning the map and ambushing from the blind side.

This still applies even if you only have 3 players. Immediately separate 1 player to flank and repeat until you only have 1 player left. With this you still have an alternative in attacking!

Well, those are the tips that you can do to win in the 4v5 position in Search and Destroy. Do you have any other tips?


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