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Lapu-lapu Best Build from Top Global Auto Savage

Hello friends of G-MLBB. Now I will discuss about the sickest item from a typical Fighter/assassins hero, Lapu-lapu. Apart from the sickest item, I will also give the right Emblem too.

The items that I will recommend are items and emblems commonly used by Top Global 2 Lapu-lapu, so there is no need to doubt the quality problems of the items and emblems.

Before discussing the point, we first discuss the skills and stories of Lapu-lapu as follows.


The mysterious waters in the southern part of the Land of Down are dotted with islands big and small. The land is fertile, the climate is cool, life thrives, and food is plentiful. People live peaceful and happy lives. But one day, a group of invaders came to this peaceful land and disrupted the happy life of the people.

The leader of Makadan Island, Lapu-lapu, refuses to be anyone’s slave. The enemy has an iron spear. We have a brave heart, he said. Lapu-lapu took his Twin Blades and led the people to the battlefield eliminating many invaders. Under his leadership, they gain victory and respect from their opponents free once again to live in peace. But the events of this outside invader made our hero aware of the world beyond the island and despite being surrounded by opponents he packed his bags and embarked on a journey to learn about this world.

The following are the skills possessed by Lapu-lapu.


Lapu-lapu will get a bravery blessing stack after hitting the opponent’s hero or creep with his skills. After getting five stacks, Lapu-Lapu’s next basic attack will give an additional 250% damage (Not Critical). Also will give Lapu-llapu a shield that absorbs 500-1200 Damage. Scale according to Level.

Skill 1: Justice Blade
CD: 10.0

Lapu-lapu threw two boomeranging blades of light forward. Each blade deals (+500% extra Physical Atk) physical damage to enemies hit during flight and return, and multiple hits on the same opponent only give 1 stack bravery blessing.

Skill 2: Brave Stance
CD: 8.0

Lapu-lapu charges with his twin blades, dealing 100 (+50% total physical attack) physical damage to enemies in his path. If he hits an enemy hero, his movement speed will increase by 30%. Lasts for 3 seconds.

Skill 3: Chieftain’s Rage
CD: 60.0

Lapu-lapu combines Twin Blades into one Heavy sword and slashes forward dealing 400(+200% extra physical atk) physical damage to enemies, stuns them for 0.8 seconds. Then he increases 30 Physical Defense and Magic Defense on himself in 15 seconds. Lapu-lapu entered Heavy sword mode and strengthened all his skills. lasts 15 seconds.

Skill 1.b: Justice Blade

Lapu-lapu brings out the Giant playing wheel forward, dealing 450 (150% total physical attack) physical damage and causing a slow effect to the opponent in the net by 40%. Lasts for 2 seconds.

Skill 2.b: Brave Stance

Lapu-lapu charges with his heavy blade in the specified direction, dealing 250 (+50% total physical attack) physical damage to enemies along the way.

Skill 3.b: Chieftain’s Rage

Lapu-lapu spins weapons dealing 600(+20% total physical atk) physical damage to nearby enemies.
Passive: In heavy sword mode, basic attack damage is increased by 20%.

Next, we discuss Lapu-lapu’s sickest item from the global top 2 Lapu-lapu.

By using the Assassin emblem as follows:

Thus providing additional:

  • Physical PEN +19.50(13.50+6.00)
  • Physical Attack +27.00(15.00+12.00)
  • Crit. Chance + 3.50%
  • Movement SPD +2.00%
  • Cooldown Reduction +5.00%
  • Bounty Hunter

Eliminating the opponent’s hero will get an additional 80 Gold, Maximum up to 1200 Gold.

And the gear he uses for Lapu-lapu is as follows:

Unique Passive-Divine Justice: After using the next basic attack skill will deal an additional 85% physical attack as true damage. This effect has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds.
Unique Passive-Chase Fate: When the divine justice effect is active, the hero’s movement speed will increase by 10%.
Unique Passive- Despair: attacking an enemy unit that has HP below 50% will increase the hero’s physical attack by 25% for 2 seconds. (effect active before damage quality)
Unique Passive-Ambush: The next Basic Attack will deal additional physical damage equal to 100% Physical Attack if it doesn’t receive or deal damage within 5 seconds.
Unique Passive-Lifeline: If the Hero’s HP is below 30%, will get a Shield that absorbs 510-1350 Damage (increases with level) which lasts for 3 seconds. Has a cooldown of 40 seconds.

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