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Know What is Buff Monster and Its Effects in Mobile Legends

Those of you who like to play Mobile Legends must already know and are familiar with the term buff monster.

Yep, the muster buff is an effect that we will get after we kill the Reaper or Spinner in the lower and upper jungle lines.


Monster buffs are different from buffs or nerf heroes because monster buffs have temporary properties but are very useful in games to increase the ability of heroes in the team to become the key to victory.

However, in practice there are still many players who do not understand who should take the buff first.

In the past the monster buffs had different effects, namely the Reaper itself and the Spinner itself so that we could get two buffs, but now both the buffs obtained from the Reaper or the Spinner have the same effect, only the effect differs when it comes to which hero role.

Well, so this time I will discuss about the buff effect of the role hero who gets it.


Assassin is a role that has great damage and is agile but with low hitpoints. So it’s no wonder I discussed it first because it is a mandatory role to get buffs first because the effect is very helpful.

The effect obtained when the assassin role gets a buff, namely the cooldown of the skill will be reduced by 10%. Energy usage will be reduced by 50% and the physical of magic penetration will increase by 8-20 according to the hero level.


Almost similar to the assassin who has great damage. Marksman also really needs a buff because to boost his abilities.

The effect obtained when marksman gets a buff is to increase 10% Physical Attack and stun the target by 20% for 2 seconds after hitting the target using his basic attack.


It is a role that also requires a buff so that in addition to being more painful, the damage is also to help control which ones are considered very wasteful.

The effect that will be obtained when this role gets a buff is that it will reduce the cooldown by 20%. Reduce mana usage by 50% and increase magical attack by 4-15 depending on the hero level.


Maybe it is a role that rarely gets buffs when there are already many roles in the team that require a buff like the one above. However, getting buffs will also be useful even though the effect is not as much as the roles above.

The effect that the fighter will receive when he gets a buff is to reduce the cooldown by 15% and when he hits the target it will increase his movement speed by 10% which lasts only 2 seconds.


The tank role is one of the roles that almost doesn’t take buffs throughout the game, although it can be due to mistakes when helping other roles get buffs but are taken by tanks.

Not taking a buff does not mean that the effect received from the buff is lacking, but if the tank gets a buff the effect is to reduce MP usage for each skill by 50% and increase physical defense and magic defense by 15%.


Finally, a role that is similar to a tank because almost during the game it does not take buffs. However, when the role gets a buff it will receive the effect of reducing the cooldown of skills by 10%, regenerating mana by 50 and increasing heal and shield effects by 50%.

Well, that’s the effect that can be obtained when the hero takes the buff according to the role. Actually, everyone needs a buff, but because it’s in the team’s interest, just let the buff for roles that need more especially mandatory like Fanny and Kagura.

Oh yes, if the hero has 2 roles, then there is only one buff effect, for example Karina, the assassin and mage roles, but because they are more likely to be assassins, the effect received from the buff is the assassin role.

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