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Karrie's Best Build Item Mobile Legends 2021

Karrie is one of the heroes with the role marksman. This hero is one of the choices for pro players, to be played in Rank mode or even in official Tournaments. One of the pro players who like to play Marksman on this one is REKT.

REKT or whose real name is Gustian, is an Indonesian Pro player for mobile legends. REKT became a part of EVOS when EVOS became the world champion of M1 Mobile Legends and also became part of the Indonesian National Team in the last SEA GAMES.

Gustian is also considered to be one of the best Marksman users in Mobile Legends Indonesia. Therefore, it is only natural that many Mobile legends players imitate the game, the hero they use and also the Build used in the game. Then what about Karrie?

Karrie is a marksman hero who from the beginning of the game already has a decent amount of damage, especially if it reaches the Mid game. In addition, all of us know that Karrie is the best tank destroyer marksman from mobile legends because she has a passive skill that causes considerable true damage.

Before we proceed to Karrie’s worst build from REKT, let’s first discuss Karrie’s skills.


Karrie adds a Lightwheel mark to the opponent with every basic attack or skill. When the Lightwheel mark stacks up to 5 marks on the target, the mark becomes the actual lightwheel, Piercing the target and dealing true damage equal to 7%-13% of the target’s HP. Damage to Creep is not more than 300.

Skill 1 (Spinning Lightwheel)
CD: 8.0
Mana Cost: 80

Karrie takes out a Flywheel and deals 200(+90% Extra Physical ATK) physical damage in the net. When the Flywheel stops moving, it will deal 100(+20% Extra Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to nearby enemies and slow them down by 80% continuously. Lasts for 1 second.

Skill 2 (Phantom Step)
CD: 5.0
Mana Cost: 35

Karrie moves in the specified direction when she casts a lightwheel on a nearby enemy, dealing 150(+70% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage and adding a Lightwheel Mark. After entering dual wield mode, he will emit a lightwhell.

Skill 3 (Speedy Lightwheel)
CD: 30.0
Mana Cost: 140

Karrie entered dual-whield mode. In the next 6 seconds, his movement speed will increase by 20%. Issues 2 Lightwheels for each basic attack, but each basic attack only deals 50% damage and the attack speed is reduced by 20%.

So that’s the explanation of Karrie’s passive and active skills. Now let’s move on to the main discussion, namely Karrie’s Painful Item from REKT:

Karrie’s Hurt Items:

+15% Physical PEN

Attributes: +50% damage to monsters
Unique Passive-Breakout : For every 10 seconds, the next hero’s basic attack will deal an additional 50 true damage at least (increases with the hero’s level growth) and cause a 30% slow effect to the opponent that lasts for 1 second.
Casting a basic attack will reduce the cooldown.
Unique Passive-Greed: gain extra 25% EXP when jungling. After defeating a creep, restores HP by 4% and mana by 10%.
Unique passive gorge: eliminate creeps to increase physical attack by 4. Maximum up to 15 layers.

Unique Passive-: Makes a retribution battle spell usable against enemy heroes, reduces the target’s movement speed by 70% and deals a small amount of true damage within 3 seconds. Giving another advanced jungle item will disable this effect.

+30 Mana regen

Attribute: +40 Movement SPD.

Unique Passive-Mysticism: Eliminating enemy heroes or getting assists will restore 10% of mana. Eliminating minions will restore 4% mana

+15% Physical Lifesteal

Unique Passive-Divine Justice: After using the next basic attack skill will deal an additional 85% physical attack as true damage. This effect has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds.

Unique Passive-Chase Fate: When the divine justice effect is active, the hero’s movement speed will increase by 10%.

+10% Cooldown Reduction

Unique Passive-Demonize: Reduces damage taken by 50% when HP is below 40% and increases Physical Lifesteal by 30%. Lasts for 5 seconds. This effect has a cooldown of 50 seconds.

+25% Attack Speed

Unique Passive-Devour: Basic Attack will deal 9% of the target’s remaining HP as additional Physical Damage (up to 60 against creeps and minions).

Unique Passive-Devour: Each basic attack will give 4% Physical lifesteal for 3 seconds. Stack up to 5 times.

+30% Attack Speed

Unique Passive-Swift: Cannot increase Critical chance. Every 1% of the critical chance obtained will be converted into an attack speed of 1%.

Unique Passive-Endless Strike: Normal basic attack will increase 1 stack endless strike. After 2 stacks of endless strikes are collected, the next basic attack effect will be active 3 times.

So, that’s the discussion of Karrie’s Painful Item from REKT. Please write your opinion in the comments column. Not only that, you can also request other hero items in the comments column. Thank you for visiting GMLBB, wait for our next article. See you later.

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