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Playing mobile legends in the epic tier usually makes you angry, because there are so many fatal mistakes that are still often made by teammates. This of course complicates the situation to dominate the game and to the detriment of the team itself. If you have a small account or a smurf account, you will often find fatal mistakes made by epic players.

Want to know the fatal error? Let’s just take a look at the discussion below!
1. Hero Midlaner Mage is not given a Blue Buff.
The first fatal error is usually the midlaner mage hero is not given a blue buff. You may have experienced when you like to use the midlaner mage hero so that it is easy to dominate the game. The goal is really good to dominate the match, but don’t be surprised if you play in the epic tier, if you don’t get the blue buff later. Because in fact this still happens very often.
The blue buff that should be made for midlaners is often taken by the offlaner hero, or even often taken by marksman who greedily eats two buffs. Either because they don’t understand or what, as a result, we are late leveling and often lose wars because we run out of mana.
As we all know, this blue buff is very important for midlaners. Especially those who have a role mage or an assassin mage if the blue buff is taken and it’s wasteful, how do you want to help the war? Indirectly, of course, this is detrimental to the team as a whole. Especially in early games, when a midlaner mage or assassin mage should dominate the game and hinder enemy farming, not the other way around.
2. Hero Mid Laner Rarely Rotates to Another Lane
The second fatal problem is that the mid laner Hero rarely rotates to another lane. Well maybe you’ve experienced it again when you use a hero other than a mage, and hand over the midlaner to your teammates in the hope of dominating the game. Instead of dominating the game, we often meet midlaner players who rarely rotate to other lanes and are cool on their own.
Usually this type of player is busy farming the jungle and just playing around his own lane. So all wrong huh? Because the rotation of a midlaner is very important to change the course of the match. Whether it’s to solo gank the enemy laner or help a teammate who is being hit by a gank. Or even riot in the opponent’s jungle to get more farming.
Believe me, if you meet a midlaner who rarely rotates, usually 80% of you will lose. Unless you are really GG and can carry your teammates.
The next fatal mistake Selfish or unwilling to complete the composition of the team. Now it’s no secret that this epic tier still has players who often fight for hero cores, so that they are considered good so they don’t want to pay attention to the composition of the team’s lane up.
Usually, if you don’t fight for marksman, you will fight for mage the most. That’s it, it’s better if you play well and can dominate. As we all know that this game is a 5 vs 5 teamwork game, so this balanced team composition really needs to be paid attention to. Be it hero cores, tanks, corwd control, support and so on. Because it is unlikely that you will win the match if you only rely on the hero core without support. Or just a tank hero without a hero core and vice versa.
They usually don’t want to play the tank hero, even though the tank is an important hero as the team’s playmaker. If at a high rank it will be rare for a team that does not use tanks, in fact you will even find there are 2 tanks in one team. Because indeed they also understand the composition of a balanced team and are able to carry out strategies.
4. Doesn’t protect hero core
The next mistake that is often made by epic players is that they don’t protect their core heroes. Mage and marksman are the core heroes, or the biggest damage bank in the team, so they must be protected wherever they go. The fatal mistake in this tier is removing the hero core without protection so that it is easy for the opponent to take over. That way the opponent will excel in the number of farming, and our core hero will be left behind with the opponent’s hero core. Because he is always caught or hit by enemy gangs, sometimes there are still tank users in this hell rank who still make this mistake.
The one who should guard wherever the hero core goes, it is not uncommon for tank players to be alone and rotate at will. As a result, our cast heroes are left to roam alone and have a high chance of being picked up by the opponent’s assassin, especially if there is Ling or Natalia. If it’s like this, surely the concentration of one’s teammates will be chaotic. And of course this will affect your performance or game.
5. More concerned with kill than push turret.
The next error is still there in this tier which is more concerned with kill than push turret or objective. This error will often be encountered in the epic tier, there are still players who are more after MPV than doing push objectives. Sometimes the enemy is flat and there is an opportunity to push the turret but it is not taken, instead it goes back to the forest and continues farming. So it’s not uncommon for enemies to make epic comebacks, especially if their late game heroes are ready.
Instead of getting MPV in the team, you actually felt a crushing defeat because you were too busy killing parties at the beginning of the game, without doing a push turret or stealing your opponent’s objectives. Even though the objective of the mobile legends game is to destroy the opponent’s turret to its headquarters. So actually, it’s useless if you get MPV but from the losing team.
6. Not concerned with Last Hit
The next epic tier mistake is not attaching importance to the last hit. Those who use the hero core usually don’t care about the last hit, even though there is additional gold if they get a las hit. And actually, if you maximize this last hit, it will make you superior in farming with the opposing team.
But it’s a shame that it’s still rare to use this last hit, especially in the epic tier and below. Even though if you look at the pro player game play, no matter how small the opportunity, they always try to take advantage of it, including doing last hits to creeps or minions.
Then it’s the same with those who use tanks or support, instead they don’t do this last hit to the core hero when killing the opponent’s hero, even though the goal is to get the core hero to get more gold and exp. As a result, the core hero loses level and gold from the opponent’s hero core. Of course this is also detrimental to the team.
7. Tank/Support does not buy roam items in the early game.
The last mistake that the epic tier still makes is Tank or support not buying roam items in the early game. The function of this roam item is to prevent sharing exp and gold with teammates when clearing minions or jungle.
That’s very important so that the core hero can get full exp and gold when clearing minions and jungles, so that they quickly reach the maximum level and items. If you don’t buy a roam item, the gold and exp will automatically be split in half, and the hero core you control will be slower in terms of farming and gold. Of course this will be detrimental to you and your own teammates because your core hero is the biggest damage contributor on the team. So if they have lost the level and gold at the beginning of the game from the opponent’s core hero, of course it is unlikely that you will win at the end of the game.
So, those were 7 fatal mistakes that are still often made by players with epic tiers when they push rank. What is your opinion? Please write in the comments column.

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