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How to View Old Instagram Stories That Have Been Gone

Instagram Story is one of the features of Instagram that allows users or users to post photos or videos that can be seen by followers in just 24 hours. The story will usually appear in the Home section when you first open Instagram. After 24 hours, the photos and videos will disappear and can no longer be seen by followers of an account. Even though it can no longer be viewed at home or by followers, the actual account owner can still access stories that have been created or uploaded by him. Here’s how to access the lost Instagram history from the home section.

1. Open Instagram then go to your profile menu section
2. Look at the top there is an archive icon in the shape of a clock with an inverted arrow, press the icon to see your old stories

3. The old story will appear and we can choose which one we want to see

4. Select the old story you want to see

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