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How to Use Whatsapp Web on PC/Laptop Browser

Whatsapp is one of the most popular chat applications used on Android and iOS smartphones today. To use whatsapp, we need to have a phone number which will later become an identity in this application. With Whatsapp, we can send pictures, photos, videos, or documents to each other. This application is very suitable for both work and personal or personal use.




One of the features of this whatsapp application is Whatsapp web, which is a feature that allows users to open WhatsApp in a PC browser anywhere as long as they carry a smartphone that is connected to the Whatsapp application. To use this feature, you need an internet connection and a smartphone that has a camera because it will scan the barcode to login to whatsapp web.

How to Use Whatsapp Web

1. Open a browser on your PC, then type in the address bar then press enter

2. Open the Whatsapp application on your Android or iOS Smartphone then open the settings section

3. Scan the barcode that appears on the web page with a smartphone

4. Whatsapp web has been successfully opened and can be used for chat

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