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How to Use ShareIt on iPhone and Mac (iOS and Mac OS)

ShareIt is an application to move files from one device to another with Wifi Direct technology. Wifi Direct is different from regular Wi-Fi which requires an Access Point to communicate with each other between devices. WiFi Direct allows 2 devices to be connected directly without the need for an access point. Thus communication can take place more quickly and does not take time. To be able to use ShareIt, each device must have the ShareIt application installed and also have WiFi Direct technology.

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1. Download the ShareIt Application


Search on App Store with Keyword ShareIt


2. For Mac, install the application after the dmg file is successfully downloaded / downloaded, usually after it is installed it will ask for permissions that can be allowed in the security and settings section

3. Open the ShareIt App on Mac, it will usually display a QR Code

4. Open the ShareIt application on the iPhone, select send / receive or select the icon in the upper left corner then select connect Mac / PC then scan the QR Code that appears on the Mac

5. Both devices are connected, please select the file to be sent. When sending to a Mac it will usually automatically go to the Downloads folder

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